How to Hang your Shoes on the Wall and Save Tons of Space!

Into the New Year and into some new projects up in here! Holla! (Do people even say that anymore? Is that so 2006? Am I really *that* uncool?? haha) SHOES! Guys – shoes take up SO MUCH DANG SPACE. Ugh. So here’s how I re-thought our closet and created a cute, customizable, Framed Fabric Shoe Organizer otherwise known as how to hang your shoes on the wall!How to Hang Shoes on the Wall & Save Tons of Space!

Basically – we’re talking all about how to Hang your Shoes on the Wall and Save Tons of Space!Small Closet BEFORE

*I will say in advance- I’m sorry for the picture quality. A 3×4 closet with no windows, crummy lighting and an awkwardly positioned door is ANNOYING when you want pretty pictures. Alas, I did my best for you.* 🙂 

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

It all started with the one blank wall in the closet. Previously, I had some jewellery organizers on there and a small, thrifted, bookshelf that held belts and stuff – but very quickly that system proved inefficient with all the new stuff I was squeezing into the space.

So everything came out/down. I found the cutest white and gold polka dot fabric. I cut it to size (in my case it was approximately 24″x57″ – but that doesn’t really matter that much) and I bought some inexpensive trim at the hardware store.

I don’t have pictures of this part, but using a basic staple gun and a level, I hung the fabric on the wall – only securing it in the corners. Then, after Dan helped me mitre the corners of my trim, I lined it up and used my Ryobi Air Striker Nail Gun to affix the trim to the wall and re-secure the fabric. Just make sure most of the wrinkles are out before you put in the final few nails!How to Build a Hanging Shoe Organizer

Now’s the fun part! Just measure where you want your shoes to hang. Cut a few dowels to size and using sharp sewing scissors make little slits in your fabric where your hooks will go. I hung three 2-foot dowels, 10″ apart, if that makes sense.Hang Fabric on the Wall to Organize Shoes

Screw in your hooks, pop in your dowel and hang up your shoes! Holla!How to Hang Shoes on the Wall and Save Tons of Space

I even had space at the top to hang a mirror and some hooks to take some of my overflow jewellery.

Oh, and those little square faceted push pins are for the receipts and business cards that always seem to collect in my closet after I visit a shop I want to remember.The Best Small Closet Solution for ShoesA DIY Way to Save Closet Space with Shoes on the Wall

Such a small space, but this really maximizes its use. I was lying on the floor on my back to get this shot – just sayin’.How to Hang your Shoes on the Wall

Next step for in here is to improve the lighting situation. For this project, I brought my industrial clip light from the basement and hung it on one of Dan’s shelves. I’m hoping to upgrade the ceiling fixture with a small but powerful track light very soon.

Now that we’re starting to get more organized in here, it’s really spurring us on to tackle the rest of the room. Can’t wait! We’ve already removed the old closet door.  🙂



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  1. Just had a thought, you could use straight liquid starch to adhere the fabric to the wall. I’ve done it to furniture pieces. It stays put till you pull it off.

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