Simple Custom Memo Board with Burlap Ribbon {Monthly DIY Challenge}

*Scratches head* HOW is it the MIDDLE of JULY already?!? Yikes. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess! Today is a busy day on the blog! It’s the July Monthly DIY Challenge and then later today, I’m also sharing the next instalment in my $100 Room Makeover Series… and BOTH have videos for you to watch! (You can see the video for this project over on my Facebook page. Keep reading for all the tutorial details)

Let’s get into today’s project, shall we? This month, all of us bloggers were challenged to come up with a project using Burlap Ribbon from Kenarry Crafts for the Home. I decided to reuse some old cabinet faces to make a Simple Custom Memo Board!

Supplies for a Custom Memo Board:

  • Some sort of large frame (from the thrift store or in my case, salvaged from a couple cabinets)
  • Sand paper
  • Paint in the colour of your choice (I used this basic teal blue by Rustoleum)
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Jute Twine
  • Staple Gun
  • Clips – clothespins or something like that

This is obviously the before! (You might remember seeing how I used the rest of the cabinets to create a fun playroom storage unit and a simple outdoor serving tray!)

First thing I did was sand them down because they were a bit grimy after being in the studio for so long. Then I painted them up with some teal blue, chalky paint.

I measured out some basic jute twine and then stapled it on the diagonal across the back of each cabinet face. They are slightly different dimensions – so I did four pieces of twine on one and five on the other.

The next step was to use my burlap ribbon! I loosely measured each piece so it slightly overlapped with the last and stapled them into place along the sides, top and bottom of the cabinet face. Don’t pull TOO hard though because the burlap will separate and you don’t want that!

Then I just hung them up! I might actually use one of them in the living room for family photos. The colours match the new scheme in that space! I left them here in my studio for now, however, because I like them as a backdrop for my Facebook Live Broadcasts! 

Okay lovely people! Now’s your chance to see what all these others bloggers came up with using burlap ribbon!!

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6 thoughts on “Simple Custom Memo Board with Burlap Ribbon {Monthly DIY Challenge}

  1. What a great use for those cabinet faces. You’re so great at using the supplies you already have, Erin! These do look pretty in that room and add a nice touch!

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