Hello – Nice to meet you and thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by DIY Passion. I’m Erin. This little slice of the Internet is where I come to share parts of myself as my family and I build a home together. We are so glad you came along 🙂

Our story

I met my husband in a record store in 2009. Yes. You read that correctly. It was like something out of a romantic comedy except without the pay checks or cool wardrobes. After dating for 4 years and buying a small condo in the city together, we finally got hitched and bought a house in the suburbs right beside the Atlantic Ocean in June 2013. We share our wonderful life with our two kitties, Louie and Zuzu and our 10 year old rescue “puppy”, Buddy. (And in 2016, we added a tiny human to the mix! Little Bird (LB) is our sweet baby girl.)

Buying a Small House
Buying a Small House

Our house

We searched for ‘THE’ house for almost 18 months. When we walked into this semi-detached, 3 bedroom, 3 bath diamond in the rough – we both INSTANTLY knew that we could polish it into something special. It had a very over grown garden, both in front and back – but Dan is passionate about all things green and growing and vows to tackle that space to make it fun, inviting and thriving. The interior was beyond dated, sporting textured wall murals, painted faux brick walls (not chic), tole painted clouds on the kitchen ceiling and rough and tumble bead board wainscoting – but Erin knew her creative visions and love for ‘storing things in plain sight’ could bring this house out of the ‘crafty 80s’ and into the ‘hipster’ Millennium. The negatives were heavily outweighed by the wonderful light in the space, the lay out of the actual rooms and the lot the house is on. SOLD.

Our house is now our castle. It’s where we celebrate victories and suffer defeats as we DIY our way to making it our own.At the Halifax Airport

Our blog

While the blog technically pre-dates this house, it would be fair to say that DIY Passion only really came into its own within this home and then really started to shine once we decided this blog would be a joint-venture. We both contribute to it equally, but in different ways. I am definitely the CEO, Blogger-in-Chief. But  Dan edits every single post, works on the back end of the blog and always helps out with room makeovers, larger builds and coming up with fun project ideas. We feed off the energy we get from each other and then rejoice at the energy and positivity we feel from our readers/friends who share their thoughts, comments and experiences with us.

Our philosophy

Since we’ve been in this house- watching and experiencing, documenting and celebrating the ways in which we are building our lives together- our philosophy has become one of unabashed positivity. We believe there is always something beautiful to be seen. There is goodness in every situation and every person. Living with that mantra has helped us approach DIY Passion from a place of extreme honesty and happiness.Air Dry Clay Rustic Photo Board

So while we are by no means experts, we are honest in our portrayals and experiences of everything we do. We hope that translates through the computer screen to you! To sum it up, this isn’t a blog that will tell you what to do or even how to do something, but rather simply a place where we share ‘how it’s been for us’. 

Now – where’s that paint brush? 😉



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  1. Hi there! I really appreciate your support and your subscribing to my blog! I have recently made the switch to a self hosting site, and unfortunately my followers did not make the switch with me 🙁 I’d love it if you could visit my new site and follow me! Thank you for supporting Domestic Superhero! http://www.domesticsuperhero.com

  2. You guys are too cute! I am excited to find a blog by fellow Canucks! It makes it easier to find the things I fall in love with. I’m looking forward to following along. 🙂

  3. Adorable story and really inspiring tale of how your online life flourished. I loved your honest expression of your philosophy about this blog. Being a like-minded couple you have started this together and have brought it to the top of success, I am falling short of the praising words for both of you working together as a life partner and as a ‘team’. I have already liked your Facebook page and have subscribed to your newsletter.

  4. “there is goodness in every situation and in every person” may I please have your permission to write out and put this lovely phrase on my fridge to start off each morning …. you two are just beyond DELIGHTFUL and a real hoot to follow along with …. keep up the good work !!
    I too hang out at Martinique beach, its a great place to have your heart and soul refreshed.
    Enjoy the SONshine, Jayne

  5. I am so excited to find a blog from here in Halifax that related so will with my situation. I also have a 3 bedroom semi-detached home with all the fixings you have described. I am looking forward to reading your journey and getting inspiration and ideas from it.

    – Eleanor from Metro N.S.

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