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DIY Passion is ALL about helping you find SIMPLE SOLUTIONS to

  • Organizing your Home
  • Decluttering your Life
  • Beautifying your Decor
  • Renovating your House

The question is

Where would you like to start?

All of my IKEA Blog Posts here

Konmari Method & Organizing

All of my Konmari Method Posts here

About Me!

Hello! I’m Erin and this is my lifestyle blog devoted to all things organizing, decluttering, cleaning and home.

I’m obsessed with Ikea Hacks and furniture reviews and I love to update spaces with simple solutions like paint and easy DIYs.

Here you’ll find my honest opinions and creative projects, recipes and lots of step-by-step tutorials.

Read more about me here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Decluttering ebook

Mindful Decluttering eBook

Read my personal philosophy on How to Declutter with Intention and Purpose

++ PLUS BONUS Checklists and Worksheets to make sure you stick to your vision!

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Start your Organizing and Decluttering Journey on the right foot!

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