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10 Affordable Modern Farmhouse Light Fixtures | A Style Round-Up

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Hi! How are you? Feeling enlightened? 😉 That’s a little play on today’s round-up post.

Yes, we are sharing with you some inspiration in the form of 10 Affordable Modern Farmhouse Light Fixtures.

You see, we’ve had lighting on the brain. Big time. We are at the point where we’re looking for an affordable flush mount light fixture for our basement rec room, we want something modern and industrial chic for our master bedroom and then there are all the other rooms that need lighting upgrades: The guest room, the hall ways, and our living room. HOLY! Dolla dolla bills, yo. Lighting is expensive. Unless you’re buying boob lights.

If we see another boob light, we’re probably going to lose our minds 🙂

Finding charming ceiling light fixtures that fit our budget and our tastes has been a challenge. While we haven’t pulled the trigger on any just yet, we thought we’d show you the styles we’re currently looking at. (Sources are all linked below the pictures!)

Stylish and Affordable Modern Farmhouse Light Fixtures

From top left clockwise: Accordion Arm Wall Sconce, Wooden Tripod Table Lamp, Wood Veneer Flush Mount, Cross cut wood wall sconce, Resin Faux Antler Chandelier. (If you’re interested in these lamps, search their names here.)

For us, Modern Farmhouse is as much about distressed and natural shaped wood as it is just about natural tones. We’ve been watching Mind of a Chef on Netflix lately (GREAT show if you like food!) and the third season showcases a Scandinavian chef. He is also a huge proponent of farming and does a lot of cooking in a farmhouse environment. We both LOVE the blend of Scandinavian and farmhouse style when it comes to lighting.

Stylish and Affordable Vintage Industrial Light Fixtures

From the top left clockwise: Iron Bell Shaped Ceiling Fan, Industrial Metal Box Frame Flush Mount, Iron Shade Wall Sconce, Glass Shade Wall Sconce, Transitional Style Brass Chandelier. (If you’re interested in these lights and others like them, search Parrot Uncle here.)

And then there’s the industrial farmhouse, which seems to be much more in line with the Chip & Jo a la Magnolia Market and Fixer Upper styles. I mean, you can’t go wrong these days with some wonderful clear blown glass and an Edison bulb or 16, right? 😉

Okay, so which ones float your boat? Which do you love? Which are not so much your taste? Help us narrow our search! 🙂

PS. Sharing this post with any and all of these fine link parties.

PPS. This post has been sponsored by Parrot Uncle and contains affiliate links.

Sharing is caring!

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