How to Make Wood Bed Risers for $2

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Inside: Full tutorial on how to make your own DIY wood bed risers to match your decor and create more storage space under your bed.

It seems like storage space is always at a premium, especially if you are decorating a playroom or a dorm room. Using the space under a bed effectively can be an excellent and affordable storage solution and I’ve figured out How to Make Wooden Bed Risers for $2!

I’m basically obsessed with easy and affordable organizing. From these thrifted drawers turned wooden cube wall shelves, to this DIY storage ottoman and my latest small space linen cupboard storage project – I’m always on the hunt for ways to maximize space and take advantage of what we’ve got on hand.

Here are the supplies I used to make DIY Wooden Bed Risers

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Please forgive the state of these photos 😐 They were taken looooong before I really knew what I was doing on an old point and shoot…. Aaak!

Step One: Determine how high your risers will be. You want to figure out two things: how to raise your bed for storage and how to raise your bed safely. We cut our bed risers to 6 inches each. Basically, sliced our 2 foot post into four equal parts. Make sure at least one end is as flat as you can get it because then it will sit better on the floor.

Update: I’ve had A LOT of questions about height. Do not make these any higher than six inches or you will likely create a hazardous situation. If you need to build something that has even more space – I would recommend building your own platform bed or a trundle bed so that you stay safe and sound and aren’t at risk of toppling over or hurting someone.

Step Two: Using your large drill bit, make a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch (or deeper if you really want) indent in the top of the wood.Make Bed Risers out of Fence Posts

Step Three: Double check to make sure your indent is large enough to hold your bed frame leg without too much wiggling around. If it’s not, then just use your bit to expand the hole ever so slightly. You want it to be snug so it’s safe.Drill down so the bed frame fits into the bed riser


Step Four: If you don’t mind the treated wood look, you can be done now! But I chose to make ours look like gold bricks. Using gold metallic wrapping paper, I cut pieces to wrap around the risers. I applied Mod Podge to the paper and lined up the bottom of the riser to the bottom of the paper. Then I kept applying Mod Podge and tightly rolled and wrapped the riser. The last step was to fold the remaining paper around the top, kind of like a present, and trim the excess away from the indent.

Step Five: That’s it! Lift up your bed and put on your risers!Make your own Bed Risers

Here’s the beauty part about this – the cheapest or most inexpensive risers we found in a retail store were $10 for 4 inches. Some of the nicer wood ones cost as much as $35. These DIY ones cost $2. Yep, just $2! That’s all the lumber yard charged us for the 2 foot piece of post.

Easy DIY Bed Risers

One thing I didn’t do, that I guess you could do if you’re concerned about them scratching the floor is to glue a piece of felt to the bottom. That also might help the bed glide better if you want it to move while making the bed or whatever.

So there you have it! A super simple, done in 30 minutes storage solution!

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10 thoughts on “How to Make Wood Bed Risers for $2

  1. I did that with the bed in my first apartment 25 years ago! I was broke, but needed more storage so I went to my parents and found a 4 x4.

  2. wow so simple and so clever I have been racking my brain for almost a year and NO one has been able to suggest a way to lift the bed out side of buying cinder blocks
    Thank You so much.
    your my Heroes.

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