My One-Hour, $15 Balcony Pallet Garden

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Our sundeck balcony is SAD. I haven’t figured out a grand design plan for the space yet (I’m hoping we’ll replace it before I even have to decorate it!!), but in the meantime, here’s my quick fix! My One-Hour, $15 Balcony Pallet Garden!

Here’s what you’ll need:

I follow the Habitat NS ReStore on Facebook and one day, Shona (the manager) posted that they had a whole bunch of pallets to give away for FREE! I literally jumped in the car and drove to their brand new store in Burnside. I found the perfect one. About 30″ square. Pallet Garden 1Before heading home, I swung by Home Depot to pick up two $1 L-brackets, some terra cotta pots and, of course, some plants. I had told Dan that I was going to do something ‘garden-y’ for him for our First Anniversary. I’m a little late with that – but he’s always wanted an herb garden, so along with some pretty blooms, I selected some basic, sun-worshipping herbs.Pallet Garden 3

I sanded down the pallet to get rid of all the broken bits and splinters. Then I gave it one solid coat with the spray paint. I was giddy with how it turned out. It was sort of a gamble to paint unfinished wood with metallic paint – but I think it warmed it up perfectly!Pallet Garden 2

Using the L-brackets I attached my pallet to my balcony wall.Pallet Garden 5If you’re doing this, your situation will probably be different, so hopefully you have a nice flat surface to work with. I did not, so I used a 2×4 I found in the wood pile to shim my pallet into place and hold it in nice and tight.Pallet Garden 4

Then, all I did was pot up my plants! As I was potting the lavender, I turned to Buddy and said “Mmmm! Smells like France!” (Yes, I do talk out loud to my dog… ALL the time.)Pallet Garden 8

With that in mind, I grabbed another piece of scrap wood and some white craft paint to make my new little garden a sign – en francais no less 😉Pallet Garden 7

Vertical Herb Garden from a Pallet

By my math, that’s $15 buckaroos… and this whole project took me about an hour start to finish!Pallet Garden 10

Voila! Le petit jardin 🙂Pallet Garden 6
Pallet Garden 11

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