How to Stencil A Pegboard the Easy Way!

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Today, we’re talking about how I updated my pegboard with this Easy Tutorial for a DIY Stenciled Peg Board.

Here are the supplies I used:

First things first, I cleared it off completely – it was sort of working for me before, but there were just too many random things on it. Stencilled Peg Board Empty

Once it was blank, I grabbed a pencil, some painter’s tape and the lid to a coffee tin. Marking the middle of the edges of the tin with the tape, I proceeded to trace a scalloped stencil all over the peg board! All you do is go from line to line on your circular object, move over and do it again. Then just off-set them as you move up. It seriously took maybe 15 minutes.Stencilled Peg Board 1Of course I went over it with my gold Sharpie Paint Pen! (Oil-based in this case, so there’s really good sheen.)Stencilled Peg Board 2

I collected all the things I wanted on the pegboard and realized it wasn’t THAT much stuff.Stencilled Peg Board 3

My paints were working really well in the little wire baskets I got at the thrift store (but I actually think they are Ikea… can anyone confirm that?)Stencilled Peg Board 4

I added in two longer hooks that hold a scrap piece of baseboard lumber from our wood pile, so it now acts as a mini shelf. On there, a mason jar with more hooks, string, a print from a local shop and a couple other every day items.Stencilled Peg Board 8

A curtain rod extender on two U-shaped hooks holds a big roll of craft paper that I use for loads of projects.Stencilled Peg Board 6

A clock from Target and a framed print by Dan’s aunt round out the board.Stencilled Peg Board 5

That’s it! In organizing the rest of my space, I didn’t need to jam my peg board full of stuff – and now I feel like it adds to the styling and function in my studio!Stencilled Peg Board 7

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