How to Turn Hardware Store Faucets into Chic Wall Hooks!

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It’s time for some #MonthlyDIYChallenge up in here! This month, all of us were working with plumbing pieces. So you must check out all the other fabulous creativity from our bloggy friends (links are at the bottom of our post.) Today we’re talking about How to Turn Hardware Store Faucets into Chic Wall Hooks!plumbing_graphic

This is what we started with.

How to make Faucet HooksNext up – a little bit of charcoal grey craft paint around the raised edges.How to make Faucet Hooks

I finished painting them with a mishmash of grey, white and blue. I painted a bit of a diamond shape just for some visual interest.  I sanded them down to distress them.How to make Wall Hooks from Plumbing Pieces

Then using my drill, I counter-sank the holes and attached my plumbing pieces using a nut and bolt.

How to make Wall Hooks out of Plumbing Pieces

C’est tout! Voila! They aren’t in our bathroom yet, because we’re actually in transition in that space. But this is how I imagine they’ll look.

Faucet Wall Hooks
Faucet Hooks
Faucet Wall Hooks
Faucet Wall Hooks


But I’m definitely now digging the ‘industrial/nautical’ vibe.  🙂

So now, head over to all these other amazing blogs and check out what they did with bits and pieces from the plumbing aisle!


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