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Happy Fall Y’all! I feel socially obligated to say that at least once. So there. I said it. Here’s the thing. I know ‘fall’ is a huge deal in the decor world. It’s the start of Pumpkin Spice and all things rustic and cozy and indoors and warm and plaid and pumpkin spice – Did I mention pumpkin spice? In honour of that, today we’re sharing some tips for simple and easy fall decor!

I decided to show you how I do fall. Simple and Easy Fall Decor. Simple because I don’t have lots of fall stuff and easy because – well, I’m lazy and I don’t ever want to put too much effort into seasonal stuff.  I started my decorating with my galvanized flower vase, my faux fur rug on the back of the couch and, as always, a giant catchall wicker basket. (I have a hyacinth woven one, but I also LOVE this metal one!)Sunroom in Fall

The most effort I put in this year was moving our sunroom couch beneath the window. Remember back when I gave you my tips for refreshing your decor without spending? Moving the couch was one of my main tips. Cozy Textured Pillows for FallI pulled out my cozy faux fur throw, some sparkly Ikat pillows (here are ones that are similar) and some taper candles in my vintage candlesticks. I love candles. Love. Love. Love ’em.
Candles and Pinecones as part of a Fall Home TourAnd pinecones. I love pinecones. You can get them at the dollar store and they instantly make a room feel cozy and ‘fall-y’. I’m happy that my DIY Storage Ottoman is versatile. It seems to work with almost any season. I remember being worried about the bold plaid – but I especially love it for fall. Dried hydrangeas are perfect for fallSpeaking of fall-y, something about the season lends itself to stained wood and dried foliage.  These hydrangeas are from our garden.

Using Greenery in the FallI like blues for fall. Lots of people gravitate towards earth tones, but have you ever noticed how blue the sky is in October? So blue. So blue = fall-y. I’m LOVING these earthenware pots….Using Bright Colours in the FallBut dark blue also plays really nicely with green and orange. I got these pumpkins in the Target dollar bin. RIP Target Canada. May you live forever through these cheap and sorta weird pumpkins. Switch out Living Room Art for Fall DecorIt’s also easy to decorate for fall using books. It’s the season when we like to curl up right? So use that to your decor advantage. Books in ALL THE ROOMS! Twinkle lights for Fall

In the dining room, I deliberately added some sparkle. Little LED lights with a battery pack in some mason jars surrounded by books, burlap and pinecones. Perfect for those evenings when we linger over a glass of wine and stare out into the nothingness – because in the fall, it gets dark early and you can’t see out the windows. Twinkle lights and pineconesSparkly! Oh and in case you’re wondering, we still totally use and love our upholstered dining buffet! It’s been one of the best furniture flips we’ve done, especially because we planned the entire thing around where to put our turkey platter. <— Priorities, people. We have priorities. 😛

Dudes, I didn’t even hang a wreath! Saving that for Christmas time 🙂 Back on Sunday with more on our KonMari Journey. This week it’ll be all about decluttering craft supplies and paperwork. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


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13 thoughts on “Simple and Easy Fall Decor | A Home Tour

  1. I like your approach to seasonal decorating, Erin. I prefer a subtle nod to the changing seasons instead of it looking like spring/summer/fall/winter threw up all over the house. It’s very much a “less is more” take.

    P.S. When you come visit the states, we are going on a Target buy-all-the-things shopping spree. You poor dear. How do you deal?

    1. Less is more – except when it comes to Target – in which case less is just …. the SADDEST thing EVER 🙁 haha

  2. As a fellow Canadian I second the notion that we definitely do not want to harken winter too early. Its long enough. I too prefer the subtle hints of fall decorating. I’m loving all of your ideas for fall decorating without spending money. Bring on the blankets and plaid!

  3. Totally with you girl, never really decorated for fall before besides buying pumpkins! Love all the pieces you used to create such a cozy space! And I’m in love with that little Airedale coaster! I grew up with one 🙂

  4. I just love how you decorate for fall! I’m definitely like you – I like to add just a few subtle things here and there – I don’t have the budget, space, or desire to decorate every room in the house! Love the little touches and your awesome styling!

    1. Little bits around the house are definitely the way to go – that way you can focus on the fun stuff like food and wine! 🙂

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