How to Declutter The Kitchen with the KonMari Method

Our journey to #SparkingJoy is almost complete. In fact, this is the last area of the home we are decluttering.

Today we are learning how to Declutter the kitchen with the KonMari method.

(New to this? It’s the Japanese art of decluttering your home and your life, pioneered by master organizer and author Marie Kondo in her breakthrough book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. We recommend following the book if you really want to declutter with KonMari)


This was the fastest KonMari of all that we have done. In case you’re just joining us, in a nutshell, the KonMari method is based on the wildly popular book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. We totally recommend getting the book if you want to go through this process – you can see our reasoning for that here. We did it on a Friday night and challenged each other to see how quickly and efficiently we could empty the cabinets (and other cabinets containing kitchen accessories) and whittle down our wares to only what we needed.

We ordered our regular Friday night Chinese Food and set to work. Our goal was to have it finished before our food arrived 🙂

Emptying the cabinets is key. We followed Marie Kondo’s suggestions to the tee on this one. Bonus! Emptying them out meant we found Buddy’s long lost Moose Antler!

KonMari the Kitchen and Finding Dog Treats

There isn’t a spectacular before and after with this decluttering. (Not like with our tool and storage area, which we will update you on later this week.)

Basically – we piled all the cabinet contents onto the counter. 

KonMari the Kitchen by emptying cabinets

KonMari the Kitchen with piles on the counter

And all the rest of the stuff ended up on the floor in the main hallway. Piles of Kitchen and Decor for KonMari

While we were doing the kitchen, I also tackled the china cabinet. It’s technically not in the kitchen – but it holds casserole dishes and the like – so it fits in with this ‘category’. Going through this KonMari process has really given me an appreciation for the effectiveness of decluttering by category versus by room. It works much better. 

China Cabinet Before KonMari

This is the china cabinet before KonMari.

China Cabinet After KonMari

This is the china cabinet after KonMari.

(Yes – we still need to find a better place to hide Buddy’s toys… haha) At the end of it all – the cupboards went back together seamlessly and were more organized than they’ve ever been.  

KonMari Organized Cabinets

We aren’t sticklers for ‘where things go’ in our kitchen. Things sort of move around depending on the season and what we’re cooking. So long as things are clean and efficient – we’re happy.

KonMari and Store Like with Like

We filled up two banker’s boxes for the donation pile and dropped them off at the charity donation box the next morning. The Kitchen? We had it back together in time for our delivery of General Tso’s Chicken and Pork Fried Rice. 🙂 I guess this is a testament to the fact that finding what gives you joy when you’re dealing with purely functional things really doesn’t have to be complex or complicated. It can be done in less than an hour and it can make a real impact.

Here is our kitchen now! You can see more of it in our House Tour.

Our HOME Tour
Our HOME Tour
You can get your copy of KONDO’S BOOK HERE.

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This post contains affiliate links.




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2 thoughts on “How to Declutter The Kitchen with the KonMari Method

  1. I am one of those nutty KM people who swear that this little book has changed my life! I’m still in the “STUFF” categories of clean out but my life has already changed so dramatically that it’s hard to imagine I’ve only been working at it for about 2 months. SO many things given away or sold or thrown out and now I can have people over to my home without panicking just thinking about it. I am excited to read the rest of your KM journey. I too found the dogs antlers in the pantry clear out! I guess the dog is happier with the changes too. 🙂

  2. Konmari’s method really helpful for me too, but i still can’t make a decision whether throw those stuff i never use or still keep it and didn’t make any change in my room *cry*

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