How to Make A Wreath from an Old Book

I’m a little emotional over here. For real. It’s the last DIY Challenge of the year. Forgive me if this project is stained with my tears. Although, I’m not sure why I’m crying – there’s a list of twelve more amazing Challenges set for next year 🙂 This time, we are all making wreaths and well, I decided to figure out how to make a wreath from an old book!

Here are the supplies I used: (SO SIMPLE)


In case this is your first time stopping by – on the second Wednesday of the month, we team up with our best bloggy friends to complete a challenge using one item or following one theme. Some work out better than others. I’d be such a liar if I said I loved every challenge project I did this year – but I guess that’s the idea right? A challenge can result in defeat. This month, though – I love what I made!

How to make a wreath from a book

Now get ripping. I tore out about 50 pages from the book and made sure they were ones that had equally spaced texted on either side – basically I didn’t want a big chapter title or large dark font showing up on my wreath. Then I wrapped them into cones and used a small piece of clear tape to hold the cones in place. How to make a book page wreath

They won’t all be exactly the same, so the next step is to use your glue gun and position the first layer of page cones along the outer edge of your cardboard wreath form. How to make a book page wreathJust move them around a bit so they appear even. Keep doing this all the way around your wreath. Then rip more pages, turn them into cones and add a second, shorter layer of cones on top of the first layer. This is really so simple guys – your kids could do this!Rustic Reclaimed Old Book WreathOnce you get to the second layer though, you’ll have a bunch of excess that hangs into the middle, so just wrap it around and secure each tail with a dab of hot glue. I did the same thing for the last middle layer too.

How to make a rustic book page wreathI already gave you a sneak peek of this space when we showed off our neutral and metallic holiday decor – but here’s the wreath in all her splendour – hung by a long piece of gorgeous fabric ribbon.Rustic Recycled Book Page WreathThe other projects in this little vignette include my planked bookshelf (you should see the before!!) and my DIY rustic mail sorterEasy to Make Book Page WreathHandmade Christmas with Natural DecorThis wreath is pretty much my favourite thing. I love that it’s so versatile, textured and EASY to make! You all should totally make a wreath from an old book 🙂 Create a Wreath with Pages from an Old BookAnd I guess we’d better fess up. If you’re a regular reader, you’re probably scratching your head because this space used to be bright Provencale yellow. Yep. We made it over on the down low.

No bloggity- blogging this process. Why? Because we did it on a whim one weekend and we didn’t even take photos… for real. It just happened.

But we’re really here to talk about wreaths. WREATHS! Say that word ten times fast. It’s weird. But Wreaths are not. Our bloggy friends have more to show you 🙂 So hop on!

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8 thoughts on “How to Make A Wreath from an Old Book

  1. I love this SO much! It’s hard being a bibliophile because one one hand, tearing up any book hurts my heart but on the other hand I want everything in my life to be decorated with book pages!! This wreath is definitely worth ripping up an old book and I’m going to make one soon for year-round decor! 🙂

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