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Our 2016 DIY Wish List & Project Budget

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Happy New Year everyone!  I know. I know. You’re probably expecting that we do a retrospective on 2015 and run down all the things we did (and didn’t) do. But one thing that I learned in the last twelve months is to live in the present and anticipate amazingness in the future. Our 2016 DIY Wish List and Project Budget

So that’s what I’m going to do today. I’m calling this a ‘our 2016 DIY Wish List’ because, as with most things, it’s possible that some of my wishes will change or other things will come up. But as of today, January 1st – this is what we’re planning to tackle (and blog about) over the next year.

Project One: The Family Room 

This project is already underway and we’re happy to tell you that very soon, you’ll start to see some of the updates we’re making. This is what it looks like now. Basement Wall BEFORE

Our goals are

  • Brighten the space
  • Add in some more function design elements (like ottomans and light fixtures)
  • Increase the cozy with accessories
  • Build a family friendly gallery wall
  • Better incorporate Dan’s workspace

Budget: $500

Project Two: The Studio 

We started Phase One of this makeover back in the fall and it made a pretty big difference.


Our goals for this space are (still):

  • Pull down the centre wall and reposition the doorway
  • Add in some cleaner, transitional flooring
  • Wall to wall and floor to ceiling built-in storage
  • Incorporate a secondary coat closet

We have priced out our plan and we are in the middle of selecting a few finishes and options that we will share in the next couple of months. If we can get this list done, we feel as if we’ll be able to live with this room until we have saved up for a complete gut job down the road.

Budget: $2500

Project Three: The Master Bedroom

Whoa. We NEVER talk about this room 🙂 YOU GUYS. This is what it looked like a week after we moved in almost three years ago. We were using this room as a guest room. Remember when we converted the traditional master into my blog office? Ya. Since then – this room has been our ‘suite’. BARF.  (BTW – I use that office every day to blog. So as of this moment, it was a great lifestyle choice for us.)Guest Room Mini Reveal 9

Now the only things that are in this room are two small side tables, the bed and a dresser-mirror combo we snagged off Kijiji for a cool $135 including delivery. It’s basically the MOST BORING ROOM EVER. Over the holiday break, we committed to each other to at least giving it a facelift and making it worthy of a hip 30-something couple with an (amateur) DIY and design blog. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

For this room we’d like:

  • Some sort of sophisticated headboard
  • New lighting
  • Wall lamps for reading
  • Updated paint and colour scheme
  • Closet door solution
  • New artwork

Budget: $600

Project Four: The Living Room

I don’t know if it’s fair to call this a project. It’s really more of a work in progress. We have found this room to be a challenge since we moved in – but in the last few months after hours and hours of working with design software and good, old, graph paper, we think we’ve settled on an optimal layout and function for this room. We recently showcased 1/2 of it when we added in some warm metallics and neutral accessories. 

Metallic Holiday Decor

Metallic Holiday Decor

We are still really loving the current lay-out. The next phase will be about:

  • Maximizing the storage (cannot wait to show you what we have up our sleeves for this)
  • Minimizing the visual impact of our ‘long’ wall (the wall you DON’T see in the link above)
  • Adding in some visual interest with family photos and displays

Budget: $1000

Project Five: Outdoors

This has been on our list every year we’ve lived here. It sorta makes me chuckle because our yard(s) are still in such a sorry state. We have already sunk thousands into landscaping and putting in a brand new, weather-proofed shed – but there is still so much more to be done. We definitely do not have the budget to rebuild our back deck this year, so my hope is that we can facelift either the second floor balcony or the downstairs ‘under’ deck. Both have SO much potential and will likely require the same amount of work (just slightly different design plans.)

The current balcony:Balcony BEFORE

The current ‘under deck’: (This photo is from our recent KonMari – the under deck is currently covered in 2 feet of snow… but you get the idea, right?)

Decluttering Tools KonMari

Either space will need:

  • Serious power washing and minor repairs
  • brightening with stain and/or paint
  • comfy seating for sunbathing, reading, napping
  • storage for garden supplies
  • greenery for interest

Budget: $1000

So there you have it! Our wish list for 2016. It actually doesn’t seem THAT ambitious – but we shall see. Currently, we are looking at a budget of about $5150 for everything. Do you think we are up to the challenge? 🙂

What’s on your list this year??

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Madeline Della-Rocca

Friday 1st of January 2016

Wow! Erin and Dan!! Love all you have done so far!! When are you coming to Toronto to help us make the right choices. Such talent...too far away!! Wishing you much success!

DIY Passion

Saturday 9th of January 2016

Thank you! :) We miss all of you too!

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