Cheeky DIY Tote Bags that will Make You Smile

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Hi everyone! I’m really excited about today’s post because I don’t often make apparel, but lately I have wanted something to help me ‘tote’ my blogging equipment around the house. Sometimes I blog in the basement, in my office, in the sunroom – and I have so many cords and notebooks and camera straps that I wanted a little tote! So….

Cheeky DIY Tote Bags that will make you SMILE!

Cheeky DIY Tote Bags That Will Make you Smile

Here is what you need to make these totes:

  • A Silhouette Cameo machine – I DEFINITELY recommend getting the starter kit which comes with all the little bits and bobs you’ll need
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl in your colour of choice – I used Smooth in Black and Teal (You can also buy a Heat Transfer Starter Kit…which I also recommend)
  • Plain canvas Tote Bags I got from Amazon (awesome price!!)
  • Iron and a towel

First things first you’ll need to open Silhouette Design Studio software and set up your design. I purchased two different designs from the store for 99 cents each (Super easy because it just hooks up to your PayPal).

Then you’ll want to iron out any creases in your tote bags. I also recommend using some spray starch just to get them nice and crisp (plus, smells so good!)

Tote Bags for Heat Transfer Vinyl

Now the heat transfer vinyl I had was 12″x9″, so I simply sized my design based on that. Mine ended up being about 11″x8.5 just to be safe.How to use Silhouette Cameo Heat Transfer Vinyl

Don’t forget! If you are doing text, you must MIRROR your image before cutting otherwise your words will be backwards! To mirror, just right click your image and click ‘Flip Horizontal’ in the menu and you’re all set. Using heat transfer vinyl for the first time took a bit of figuring out. It’s a bit more stretchy than normal vinyl and the recommended settings didn’t work well for me. You need to feed your material into the machine with the shiny plastic side DOWN. This way the blade will only cut the actual transfer and not the backing.

I ended up setting my material thickness to 10, my blade to 3 and I used my 12×12 Silhouette Cameo cutting mat.

If this is your first time using heat transfer, just be patient and try out some different settings until you see your blade cut through.

Now you just peel away the excess vinyl leaving your design on the backing.

Make sure to mirror the image before cutting

Grab your tote and place your design where you want it to be, cover it with a thin tea towel and go over it with a hot iron for 30-45 seconds. Your design should have transferred! If not, just put the towel back down and reapply the hot iron with a bit more pressure.Love your Selfie

I LOVE these totes!!Cheeky Heat Transfer Tote BagDIY Cheeky Tote BagMake your own tote bag

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6 thoughts on “Cheeky DIY Tote Bags that will Make You Smile

  1. First, love that “on sale” bag, and that you got to use your Cameo toys! I haven’t tried a heat transfer project yet but I’m itching to! Second, what a GREAT idea for a blogging bag! I blog all over the place as well and it would be so much more efficient to have everything together in one place! I’m stealing that!

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