12 Amazing DIY Backyard Games to Build Right Now!

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Starting something new on the blog today! That’s right ladies and gents (though, I know most of you are ladies hehe)

As many of you know, we let the cat out of the bag that I am now 20 21 weeks pregnant. And while I’m committed to all our DIY projects (watch out for a bathroom project AND a living room project this week!), I have run into a few issues with my mobility that are limiting my ability to do ALL THE DIYs. So, I figured there was no better time to start communally lusting over all the fun things out there that I would like to do once I start being able to feel my feet again 🙂

Today! I turn my attention to the BACK YARD! Yes! We have been invited to a few BBQs this year and yard games are a huge hit where we live. So here for your weekend amusement and viewing pleasure – a Round-up of 12 Amazing Backyard Games to Build Right Now!12 Amazing DIY Backyard Games to Build Right Now

(Oh and please, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top of a milkshake, if you like these projects and intend to Pin them to your boards, do so from the original source, k? I’ve linked them all above each picture. K, thanks!)

In the category of ridiculously ADORABLE, this lady bug and bumble bee tic tac toe game is sure to please.  Courtesy of Chicken Scratch NY.

In the category of ‘this could get sloppy’, I just love saying bucket ball outloud.

Courtesy of Catch My Party. 

Did someone say Yahtzee??? No. No one ever says Yahtzee until the end of the night, when only the designated driver is sober and all the other beer and wine drinking Yahtzee players are DYING to scream a legit Yahtzee, but then the sober person gets a Yahtzee and they’re just like “Umm…so I guess that’s 50 points.” #TrueStory

This cool outdoor dice set courtesy of Sometimes Homemade.

In the category of PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH REAL BIRDS… this flamingo themed ring toss game is brilliant and super easy to set up. This seriously might have to happen at our house this year. Courtesy of the always creative Sugar & Cloth.

A close relative to ring toss is its East Coast iteration called Washer Toss. You toss the washer… you don’t wash the toss. What? I’m pregnant. I swear, I’m not drinking. Great step by step tutorial in this post by Amusing MJ. (Note: this makes a fab hostess or housewarming gift because it comes in its own box!)

Oh… this category is a blend of WHOA! And YOU’LL SHOOT YER EYE OUT! But building a  giant Angry Birds sling shot is probably the fun-nest thing ever. Except for that time I taught my Nana how to play Angry Birds on her tablet and she became temporarily obsessed and it was hilarious. Full Angry Bird tutorial is over on Instructables.

This Is SO COOL. I still remember the year my little brother created a ‘track’ in my grandparents back yard around their vegetable gardens for all his big Tonka Trucks. With some inexpensive pavers, you can actually make a back yard race track! Later on, plant a garden in the middle as the kids outgrow ‘trucking’ and ‘racing’. Courtesy of Good Home Design.

Sing it with me! You take a block from the bottom and you put it on top! You take a block from the middle and you put it on top! But GIANT. Outdoor Jenga tutorial courtesy of the wonderful Lemon Thistle Blog.

Almost as fun to say as Bucket Ball… Corn hole is a classic. Great for kids and adults alike, this can be thrown together with some basic power tools and paint! Courtesy HGTV.com

Got spray paint? Got some twisty muscles? You’ve got back yard TWISTER! Need I say more?  Courtesy of Instructables.

I don’t know why I’m including this game… other than that it falls into the category of SURE AND SUDDEN DEATH VIA IMPALING… no really – Pick up sticks is a classic. I just didn’t find it that fun as a kid. Maybe you did? Don’t impale anyone k? Courtesy Nellie Bellie.

Lastly, let’s talk about HOW FREAKING FUN THIS WOULD BE! How did I not know that Water Balloon Trampolining was a thing? Full truth: I jumped on my nephew and niece’s giant trampoline last summer and I thought I was going to pass out. Kids are way more resilient than out-of-shape 30 somethings. Seriously. I’m not a fan of feeling like my stomach is in my sternum. But with water balloons? I might be convinced. Tutorial and inspiration from A Subtle Revelry.


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