How to Build a Simple Chevron Outdoor Privacy Wall

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Inside: A DIY tutorial for a chevron shaped privacy wall for a deck or patio; includes a supply and cut list and this one was finished for about $150!

Have you been following along with our patio makeover this year? Dan and I promised each other we wouldn’t take on more than we could manage, so the projects have been relatively simple – but they pack a big punch considering the sad and sorry state of our deck before the improvements. And today, we will show you how we built our new show piece! Our Simple Chevron Outdoor Privacy Wall!

Here’s what you’ll need to build your own privacy wall:

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You’ll recall it started out like this:Privacy Screen and Bench BEFORE

The previous owners had the right idea with their bench + lattice type thing, but I think we can all safely agree that it was … well… overstaying its welcome a bit. So we ripped it out and challenged ourselves to come up with some a bit more modern and streamlined to replace it.

Enter the chevron privacy wall.Completely Privacy Wall

This can be adapted whether you have a stone patio surrounded by dirt and grass, a balcony or a free standing deck like we have. The best part is this wall cost us about $150 to build!

Dan is a PLANNER. Which is good. He keeps me in check. He is the measure twice guy. Thank goodness. So when we decided on chevron, he scurried away to his planning desk in the rec room for a good few hours to mock up some options for us.

The entire structure is 7.5′ wide and 6′ tall, and attached to the deck with 4×4 posts. To secure them, we initially thought we’d use deck plates just screwed into the top of the deck, but decided that would not withstand an Atlantic Canadian hurricane. Instead, Dan notched out the 4×4 posts and secured them to the deck joists with deck brackets.Cut notches from 4x4 wood

Use a chisel to pull out the sawed bits

He marked the notch and then cut through it multiple times with the circular saw. Then using a chisel, he opened it up.Use a circular saw to pull the notched bits out

Lag nuts were used on each post to secure the 4×4 to the deck joist.How to attach the supporting wall studs

We used 2x4s to finish framing out, securing with deck braces and deck screws. Then we started to mitre the chevron boards using our Ryobi Compound Mitre Saw, essentially making rhombuses, angled to 30 degrees. You can do this project without a mitre saw, but I don’t recommend it. This saw is worth every penny to us when it comes to doing more custom looking projects like this one. Mitre the cuts

Dan with the Mitre saw

Start at the bottom of the privacy screen

When securing the boards, we started at the bottom of the ‘V’ to make sure we could maintain the pattern. Essentially, we thought it would look better to have shorter boards at the top rather than the possibility of an unfinished ‘V’ at the bottom. We wanted our boards to be approximately 1″ apart, so we used the mitre saw again to create a small scrap that acted as a spacer between the boards. We then just nailed them in with a brad nailer, and worked our way up!Create a one-inch spacer

Attach the screen using a nail gunHonestly, once all the cutting was complete and the support frame was in place, it came together quite quickly. The only fiddly steps involved cutting the planks that filled out the very top and bottom of the pattern. Privacy Screen partially finished


Completed Chevron Privacy Wall

When all was assembled, we went back and properly secured our chevron planks with deck screws.

Overall, it was a good couple of days of cutting wood and putting this all together, but it’s added such an amazing modern feel to our patio! And, as I mentioned, if you already have a well stocked tool box, the actual supplies cost us less than $150. Which, I believe is a bargain!Before and After the Privacy Wall

And here’s a teeny sneak peek of the direction I’m taking this little patio nook! I have ONE more project to finish up before I’ll be ready to show you the whole thing. It’s actually part of my August Monthly DIY Challenge. So stay tuned!

If you are pulling your patio together this season, you might also be interested in my quick hack for cleaning outdoor patio cushions (it works like a charm!). This year, we are adding some interest to the yard with some bird feeders and back yard games too! Working on outdoor projects seems to take forever, but over time they really add up. 

Sneak Peek at the Patio Rehab

A peek at the privacy screen and patio makeover

I’m off to work on my little office nook now. Sometimes I like to balance out big messy building projects with smaller ones, you know 🙂 Have a good one…


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  1. A feature wall adds so much to a home, inside or out. I love this design and the good news is you can leave it as is or add to it with decor or plants.

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