The Best Gifts for New Moms

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Guys… I’m a new Mom. I feel like if there’s one thing I understand this year, it’s what a new Mom (or young Mom…or just Moms) really want to see under the tree or in their stockings this holiday season.

Mom’ing is hard business. It’s real all up in here. It’s the big time. So you know what? Moms don’t really want gifts that make them feel more ‘Mom’… (Please don’t buy me a t-shirt that says “Momalicious” or something dumb like that, k?)

We want gifts that will either make our Mom’ming easier on us OR make us feel like we’re recapturing a teensy bit of pre-Mom life… back when we had free time and washed hair and curled eyelashes 🙂 Here’s the thing, I actually own and use more than half of what I’ve listed here and the other half? I either have on my own list or I plan to actually buy for myself.

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for The Best Gifts for Moms. Take it from me… the Mom of children and/or babies in your life will love these prezzies.

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What other New Mom essentials would you add to this list? I’m open to suggestions 🙂




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