How to Decorate Holiday Planters with Felt

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I’m literally amazed I pulled this Monthly DIY Challenge off! ย The challenge this month was to use FELT. Extra challenging for me because I was house bound with an infant and had to work within the constraints of supplies I could find in my studio. Somehow, after much deliberation and teeth grinding, I came up with a way to decorate holiday planters with felt.ย 

Here’s what I used:


Unfamiliar with our DIY Challenges? They happen on the Second Wednesday of each month and include a bunch of projects from great bloggers using all the same material or following the same theme. November was reclaimed wood, October was Sharpies and I really love my July project when we all used Leather Hide.

This all started when I wanted to deck out my new rustic bookcase for the holidays. I plan to hang our stockings there and dress it up with some red and white baubles – BUT it desperately needed some greenery. (In lieu of a blog post house tour this holiday season, I’m sharing most of our decor over on Instagram. Make sure you’re following us there!)


Also, I wanted a project I could do in five minute increments while LB napped or sat with me. (Gone are the days of toiling for hours over one finicky project.) I wandered the house aimlessly crying debating about what to do. It dawned on me that my mantra is now to only create things I want and I like and I need. My bookshelf NEEDED greenery. I like items that I can use all year round.

Enter the terracotta pot. I grabbed two from my garden room. I painted the large one charcoal and the smaller one white. (I used this chalk paint, which I love.)holiday-planters-before-felt

A few coats later, I grabbed my supply of felt and measured enough to go around the bottom of each pot.

Then I simply cut out different sized Christmas shapes… and you guessed it, glued them onto my

Voila! A super December challenge that fits the bill ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey – it’s supposed to be a challenge, but no one ever said the solution couldn’t be dead easy!easy-project-how-to-decorate-holiday-planters-with-felt-a-simple-project-from-diy-passion

Make sure you’re following me over on Instagram for pictures of the rest of my holiday decorating this year! Including the little nook I did for LB’s first Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚five-minute-craft-idea-how-to-decorate-holiday-planters-with-felt

I love projects like this one that can be done five minutes at a time over the course of a week. Believe me, that’s all I could spare for this challenge ๐Ÿ™‚cute-diy-craft-idea-how-to-decorate-holiday-planters-with-felt

AND – check out all these other fabulous felt projects from my fellow Bloggy Friends!


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