Closet Storage, Storage Baskets and Wall Organizers

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Inside: Tackling the organization of a small walk-in closet using storage baskets and wall organizers. 

Welcome back, friends! It’s Week Two of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home and today I’m sharing the progress we’ve made in the Master Closet. My biggest challenge in this space has been closet storage. Because the space is open to the bedroom, it has to be functional AND look good.

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This space didn’t need a whole lot and to be honest, there wasn’t a lot we could do in here (given that we’d already blown out the wall and expanded the closet opening). But the goal is simple – to integrate the closet space a bit more with the rest of the room and to improve the use of the space.

Step One: Assessing the Closet Storage Situation

Here’s what I was working with. Yes – that’s Buddy’s dog bed…and LB’s playpen. :/ I’d done a fairly good job of keeping things under control when we did Konmari in the closet before the baby arrived, but then – the baby arrived and it all sorta went to pot. 

Despite the closet being larger than most, it always felt like I had too much stuff in there. So I re-did the Konmari Method first. In doing that, I was able to whittle my wardrobe needs down to my perfect set of essentials and empty 1/3 of the walk-in closet.

Step Two: Clearing the Space

Once I was able to make more space, we moved the large wardrobe into the walk-in closet. (Remember how it used to sit in the bedroom and stick out like a sore thumb? So happy we were able to move it!) This freed up SO MUCH SPACE in the actual bedroom, which makes it immediately feel larger and more spacious.

Then I got real about the space. With Dan’s wardrobe essentially taking up 1/3, I had to be really smart about my side. (I also had to apologize to Dan because I made him move the wardrobe into that nook to ‘see if it fit’ and then immediately asked him to move it back out again…. I’m a lucky girl!)

It goes without saying, I had to let the polka dots go. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my sneak peek post about the polka dots.

I’m so happy to say the transition from girly office space to grown-up bedroom is now official. 😛 (You can see the post about those wall polka dots here.)  You’ll have to wait a couple weeks to see what I mean… but let’s just say this: I was heading in one direction for this room and it didn’t feel right. It felt kinda forced…and then as I was taking down the polka dots, I had an idea and it all started to come together beautifully. And look at my official ORC outfit! Faded polar bear pyjama pants with an oversized man’s t-shirt from the GAP… yep. I’m killing it in the style department. 

Step Three: Cubbies and Storage Solutions

The other move I made was  removing the cubby system that was above my long hanging rod. I realized it wasn’t serving much purpose and was actually making the space more awkward than necessary. (Don’t worry, I have plans to use it in another spot in the house.) Then I set to building solid, corner, open shelves all along the top of my side of the closet. No tutorial or pics of that part because a) it was dark and b) the project is boring. Wall supports, planks = shelves. 

Step Four: Adding Storage Baskets

I searched and SEARCHED and bought and returned about 8 zillion seven baskets before I finally settled on the ones I have up there now 🙂 The top two wicker baskets have lids. I really wanted lidded baskets for up there to keep dust out as much as possible. I finally found these at Michael’s and they were on sale! Yesssss!

The metal baskets are from Canadian Tire and I love them (I have a bunch in my linen cupboard too.) They were the best price and value I could find in baskets that size. I wanted them to be open because they hold things I use more often, like belts and scarves. Plus, I sorta dig the mixed textures of the wicker and the metal.

I still have a few other tricks up my sleeve for this closet space, but seeing as it’s only two weeks in – I haven’t gotten there yet. I would really like to fix up the lighting situation. It’s a dangling bulb. So anything would constitute an upgrade. And I will show you more of the colour on Wednesday when we have our Monthly DIY Challenge. (UPDATE! The project and sneak peek is here!)

DIY Jewelry Hanger

Our theme this month is Wooden Dowels – and I managed a quick little low-cost project to incorporate into this closet space.

Phew! Two weeks down, four to go. We actually did start painting the walls in the main part of the room as well – but I’m still waiting on a couple of deliveries before I can finish all that up. I was hoping to be able to show you more of the main space for Week 3… but given that I’m a bit behind.

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24 thoughts on “Closet Storage, Storage Baskets and Wall Organizers

  1. i love the new more grown up direction! and my ORC outfit is my dad’s old college sweatshirt with his las name on the back… from 1975… and a pear of cut off sweats with paint all over them. it screams sexy HGTV hostess.

  2. This is great Erin, what a difference a few little touches can make! Especially love the shoe shelving it looks more organized and less cluttered than the cubbies. Looking forward to the rest. 🙂

  3. I’m so
    Jealous of an organized closet – that’s one beast I haven’t tackled yet! Way to go!

  4. Great progress – your corner shelves look awesome! Now I need to head to Canadian Tire to get some of those baskets – they’d be perfect in my linen closet!

    1. The baskets can’t be beat! I have them in my linen cupboard too for small towels and pillowcases. They work so well!

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