How to: DIY Floral Arranging 101

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Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? I mean, really. They are basically one of those things in life that just make everything better. I feel like fresh flowers are to a home decor blogger as a new lipstick is to a fashionista – you know? Just that little cherry on top.

Well, I had the absolute pleasure of taking part in a workshop recently where I learned a bit about DIY Floral Arranging!! It was hosted by ECM Media and it took place at Dean’s Flowers.

It’s a shop in the North End of Halifax – right down the street from where Dan and I used to live. Holly Winchester is the owner and it’s been in her family for more than 100 years! How cool is that?! I already knew Holly from four years ago when she did my wedding florals. I knew right away that she was ‘my kind of people’ – she took my vision for pink, vintagey and ‘simple family style table’ and ran with it…and it turned out perfectly.

The day began with a bunch of us bloggers gathering in the side studio in Holly’s shop. We each had a vase and then Holly had laid out buckets of florals and greenery for us to choose from. 

Then she led us through the process of putting the arrangement together. Let me tell you! It was more difficult than I thought! The day was also about learning how to photograph florals and small table top objects. Matt Corkum from Fade to White Photography was there…and he let us play around with his cool Fuji camera. My oh my. I think I might add that machine to my Father Christmas list!!

Here’s how my arrangement turned out. I kind of impressed myself 😛

I brought my arrangement home and propped it right beside my bed. Even though we are in the middle of the One Room Challenge, I knew having it sit there would help me feel positive energy. Every time I looked at it I felt a rush of pride and excitement. I DID THAT!

But then Zuzu… the oh-so-cute-but-loves-to-chew-plants-kitty – decided to have a snack. Oh for the love. I didn’t realized she pulled the hydrangea right out of the water in the vase… so within another day – it had wilted beyond saving. GAH!

BUT – because I had learned all about how to arrange florals, I figured I could just redo it without the hydrangea and show you how to do it too!

Here’s the Step by Step for DIY Floral Arranging

The most important things I learned were to make sure no leaves ended up in the water and to start with the greenery! My whole life, I’d been shoving the greens in last. It made such a difference in how full the arrangement turned out. Not to mention the trick with the tape to help space out the blooms. 

I’m so excited to keep trying new arrangements.

However, I’ll definitely still go back to Dean’s…. because, well… J’aime des fleurs 🙂
Here are some other posts by fellow ECM Media bloggers about our day at Dean’s! I hope you can check them all out.



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