Bold Blue and White Bedroom REVEAL! {ORC Week 6 – DIY Passion}

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WHOOP! It’s here! Reveal Day! I’m not sure I’ve ever made such a big deal about a reveal as this one, for my first time participating in the One Room Challenge. It’s been so fun having you all along for the ride while we updated and made over our master bedroom from top to bottom. I was just saying to Dan that six weeks looks like a long time on the calendar, and when you consider what we did (with a baby in tow) it felt like a lot, but then part of me feels like it went so quickly!

If you’re just landing here for the first time today – welcome! I’d encourage you to check out this post and then meander back through the entire series to see how we made it to now πŸ™‚ You can also sign up for our email updates (I try to send one out each time I post), and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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I honestly cannot express what having this room complete means to our family. Since starting this project, this room has become the place where we all hang out at night before bed, in the morning before officially waking up and on the weekends as we lazily determine what the day will bring. It really is everything we wanted and had hoped for. For the longest time, our master bedroom was not only ugly and dysfunctional, but also evoked terrible memories. Now, all of that is gone. Our room tells a new story! The story of us all working together, rolling with the punches and coming out the other side with something that speaks to us as a family and that resonates with us in all ways.

Of course it’s not entirely perfect. I didn’t manage to swap the closet light fixture, but I did at least replace the bulb with a better one. And there was a bit of a last minute scramble when the art work I ordered didn’t arrive in time, so I had to improvise. Luckily, I was able to come up with something that works just as well.

All in all – this is a room I now love. Apologies now for the overload of pictures in this post! I was just SO EXCITED and took ALL THE PHOTOS πŸ™‚

Let’s talk about these details and all the FUN THINGS!

I took these photos on Saturday morning ahead of a major, major rain storm. I felt like I had to rush a bit to capture the best light. I feel as if it sort of worked to my advantage because slightly overcast skies make pretty photos.Β 

Let’s just start with this. The best view in the house errr room πŸ™‚ The dazzlingly attractive wallpaper from Walls Need Love sets the tone for the entire space. I just adore it. You can read about the installation process here. It is off-set by the weight of the dark navy-graphite headboard complete with giant nailhead trim.Β 

The bedding is a combination of an amazingly soft sheet set in a perfect dove grey colour, a fluffy white duvet with variegated pleats, a bohemian style quilt with pompom fringe and toss pillows.Β 

I decided to use mainly books, trays and fresh flowers in the room because those are the things I absolutely love to have in my bedroom. These ranunculus blooms are just phenomenal. I wish they’d last forever!

I’m super happy with how my little air plant hangers turned out. They fit quite well in that awkward corner beside the open closet. And props to me because I’ve had them for over a week and they are officially still alive! I even remembered to water them.Β 

The closet space is working out really well and for some reason, it’s staying organized! The dark blue accent wall is the perfect balance to the bold graphic wallpaper in the main part of the room and the storage baskets (wicker and wire) are working well to hold all my fashionable odds and ends. Not to mention my DIY wall hanging jewlery organizer. I’m actually wearing my necklaces now! Win!

If we swing around to the other side of the room, it just keeps getting better πŸ™‚ We are over the moon about the new dresser and accent shelf.

The furniture is made from solid, reclaimed pallets and has these great heavy metal drawer pulls. Each piece of wood is completely different and imperfect, which gives great depth and character to the space.Β 

The giant round driftwood frame mirror is simple enough to not overwhelm, but large enough to make a statement in opposition to the headboard and accent wall on the other side of the room.Β 

The shelf is the right blend of industrial and rustic, with teal painted metal strapping and hooks. Beneath it is a giant hyacinth basket to corral extra blankets or clothing at the end of the day. I will never not have a giant basket in my bedroom again.

The room is finished off with lush white panel drapery. You’ll recall a couple of weeks ago I had what I described as a ‘drape fiasco’ when the ones I originally purchased just looked all wrong. Boy oh boy, am I happy I decided to stick with the simple white panels! I just love how they softly frame the room.Β 

The orb-style light fixture we had hanging in this room remained. I think it adds a playful quality to the room and it gives off phenomenal light because of the frosted shade inside. The back wall beside the window has a really fun piece of typography art inside a faux-wood frame that matches the furniture. The specific piece we have lists Canadian cities (including our home town of Halifax!), but if you’re going for that look and don’t want Canadian cities necessarily, I love Minted for that kind of thing!

The lamps were an AMAZING HomeSense score – as in they cost less than 50% of what I had originally budgeted for lamps and I love them more than the really expensive ones I found. Here are some that are similar in scale, feel and price point.Β 

What a rush to have this room checked off our list!! The question I’m getting now is ‘what’s next?’ Well, I have to tell you. Next? I’m taking a teeny vacation to gather my thoughts and realign. I’m working through some fun and potentially life-changing ideas these days and I want to make sure I’m energized and ready to go! Plus, our wedding anniversary is next week, so we’ll be taking some family time.

But to really answer the question ‘what’s next?’ – I have a few small plans for the living room. You might recall I went all in on the all-white idea in there a couple of years ago and I’m starting to come back around to the idea of having a bit more colour in that space. So that’s on my mind.Β 

I’m also working through a plan to finally – FINALLY – add some functional built-ins to our sunroom/office space. Now that LB is here and we have established a pattern for how we want to actuallyΒ use that room, I have a better sense of how to spruce it up. In all truth, I probably won’t get to that space until the Fall – maybe even 2018 at this rate. But I’m always thinking about the design plans and my sketch book is never far from me.

I have a SUPER fun furniture makeover that’ll be on the blog before too long. We brought the old master bedroom bureau into the playroom and it’s working really well as a media and toy storage credenza. Guys – my plan is to paint it lipstick PINK! I mean, where else other than a playroom can I reasonably have a giant piece of pink furniture? I’d say you could watch for some peeks of that on Instagram coming soonish πŸ˜€

Alright, because I know you want it – you can find a full source list for our Master Bedroom One Room Challenge below! I really hope it has inspired you in some way, or at the very least, brought a smile to your face….

Now… NOW…it’s TIME for a Snooze….. zzzzzz



One Room Challenge Source List

We were generously provided with certain wares to complete our One Room Challenge. We love to work with brands and companies that withhold the standard of quality we love and represent values we like to share with you! As always, opinions are our own. This post also contains affiliate links for you convenience. You can see our full disclosure and privacy policy here.Β 

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26 thoughts on “Bold Blue and White Bedroom REVEAL! {ORC Week 6 – DIY Passion}

  1. This is a really sweet makeover Erin! Love all the blue and I’m totally jealous of your organized closet space. I don’t even know where my necklaces are. So great that you a have a space now perfect for those family cuddles.

  2. The wallpaper definitely steals the show in this room! And that dresser is gorgeous! So nice to have a room you love to start and end the day! Awesome job!

  3. The whole room looks fantastic! I love how airy it is. I recently redecorated my room and originally had white sheers on the window and then changed them for a dark silver. I think I prefer the airiness of the white. You have inspired me to change them back! I can’t wait to see what is next!

    P.S. Your kitty looks like mine! We just got her from the Humane Society and are in love with our snuggle bug!

  4. Love it all! You did an amazing job! The accent shelf is my favourite, and the dresser – both beautiful pieces. That wallpaper steals the show too – so pretty! LOVE!

  5. What a difference! It’s absolutely perfect now … LOOOOOOVE the wallpaper and the way that gorgeous headboard pops against it! And the dresser and side tables are so dreamy! You made it my friend!

  6. Wow Erin, it’s so bright and airy and gorgeous! That furniture is deadly, swoon worthy! Good call on the white curtains they really let your feature wall shine! Whew, what a process and so much work… I’m curious if Dan is in for a Fall ORC? πŸ˜‰ hehehehe

  7. Erin – this is my DREAM bedroom. I feel like it is the best place to relax. I LOVE the style you used in this room. It is so happy-go-lucky without being juvenile. I would take it as my own in a heartbeat. Absolutely love it. Well done, my friend.

  8. Beautiful! I love everything about this space – definitely pinning for inspiration for our bedroom makeover later this year πŸ™‚ You did an amazing job!

  9. What a fantastic transformation! I love the colours and I especially love all that reclaimed wood furniture you have in there. They are gorgeous pieces! Enjoy. You guys have been working hard to get this done, so enjoy the down time now. πŸ™‚

  10. What a gorgeous room, Erin! That wallpaper you chose is so pretty, and it goes so well with everything you chose for the space. Beautiful job!

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