In the Storyhouse Episode #1 – A Behind the Scenes Look at Life as a Blogger

You know what they say? Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.

Somehow, this is miraculously true for me. It took me a long time to reach this point.

Five years ago when I started DIY Passion, I had zero expectations of myself, of my blog or of the blogging world. I just blogged. And I made LOTS of mistakes along the way. Slowly and in real time, I built a community and I became part of a blogging world that I adore.

In fact, much to my absolute surprise and delight, I was nominated for The Coast’s Best of Halifax Awards in the Best Blogger category this year. I find myself among a group of six other bloggers – across all niches – who I admire and believe in …and it brings such joy to my heart to be in their company.

Final voting wraps up on September 14th and if you are so inclined, I’d love for you to take a moment and cast a ballot. (You have to enter a valid email address, but it’s a legit newspaper – so don’t worry)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about this journey lately. I think it’s fair to say my blog has become an integral and significant extension of my true self. It ebbs and flows with my own energy and as I comb through the archives, I see that it reflects how I have felt about my life overtime. For example, the posts I worked on while pregnant with LB are full of happiness and hope; whereas if I trace my steps back to the months following my first miscarriage – the blogs from that time feel impersonal, contrived and somehow, sorrowful.

It’s a breathing, living thing. How cool is that?

After all is said and done and after one of the most tumultuous years of my life, I’m more energized by blogging and the possibilities than ever. And I’m not talking about DIY projects or decor, sponsors or partnerships.

The energy I’m feeling is big. It is just bigger. There are bigger things at play here. I don’t pretend to have the answers or know what’s coming next along this road, but I do know that lately I’ve been following my gut, listening keenly to my intuition and leaning in – even when I’m scared OUT OF MY BRAINS. And I’m convinced it can only lead to two things: honest and authentic conversations and opportunities I can’t yet imagine.

Today marks the genesis of the first of those two things. A PODCAST. (Those of you who know me personally are probably sitting there saying ‘why did this take you so long?’)

Some time in the spring, I took a chance and sent a message to one of my long-time blogging mentors, Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators. I have always admired Jen and her seemingly effortless ability to always be on the cutting edge of trends in marketing, content strategies and ‘the bigger picture’. She launched one of Canada’s premiere blogging conferences, BlogPodium, back before there was even such a thing. My message to her was – let’s talk. Let’s TALK about this environment we find ourselves in as bloggers, digital entrepreneurs, mothers, creatives, people who crave the ‘big picture’ ideas. 

So we started talking. We’d schedule a 30  minute call and end up talking for an hour and half…. There was so much to talk about.

You see, to the average reader, a blog looks like wonderful free content, packaged up by a favourite online personality.  But in the background bloggers are navigating massive power plays by huge corporations and insidious behaviour by other ‘influencers’ who slyly buy followers, usurp brand contracts from others, steal content without credit, build ‘blogs’ on the backs of other people. For those of us, like me and Jen, who have been at this forever – it has been a disheartening time. It has felt almost impossible to keep pushing against a tide that, each day, pushes harder against us.

And what’s more disheartening? Is that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS OPENLY.

Sure there are conversations in closed Facebook Groups and private Slack channels – but the challenges have become too heavy to keep them locked up behind closed doors.

This is why, after a couple long and wending chats, Jen and I decided to just record our conversations.

We are leaning in…. and extending an Invitation to come In The Storyhouse with us.

No, we are not ‘marketers’ (and heaven forbid we be ‘influencers’ – that makes more sense when you listen to the episode) – but we are two business savvy content creators who have bootstrapped our way to success. We’ve taken the time to ask big questions and, when the answers aren’t satisfactory, we continue to push the limits to find new balance and new ways of being creative – both for ourselves and for our audience.  And through various ways and means, after years (and I’m sure multiple threats to quit), we are still here.

In The Storyhouse you’ll get a REAL look at what life is like behind the scenes – at what we are feeling, about what we want, about how we firmly believe things will get better and more exciting the MORE WE TALK about this amazing digital space.

Sit back and have a listen. Please let us know what you think! (BTW – we’ve applied to be on iTunes and hope to be there by Episode #2!)

We are In the Storyhouse – Come and Join Us…..


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9 thoughts on “In the Storyhouse Episode #1 – A Behind the Scenes Look at Life as a Blogger

  1. I felt like you were speaking directly to me! I love that you 2 very intelligent people are at the helm of this! From age, to technology to content to sustainability and evolution. I’m excited that I’m not the only one that feels these things, this is like a HUGE relief to me, thank you!!!! AND community is my jam! <3

  2. SO excited about this episode & all to come! I’ve struggled with where I fit in this space and one thing I know – it’s with you guys! Community & conversations. 🙂

  3. I just subscribed to your podcast and am really looking forward to listening to your first episode later today. I’ve just discovered podcasts and finding one about blogging is super exciting to me.

  4. I was listening this on my daily commute and found myself nodding along to pretty much everything you ladies are saying! As a new blogger (only 1.5 years in the game!) it’s enlightening to hear that my struggles and thoughts are echoed by you veterans. I am so looking forward to hearing what you two will discuss next 🙂

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