In The Storyhouse Episode #5 – Capturing the Energy of BlogPodium

I am still riding high off the vibes of last weekend when I was in Toronto. I met with blogging friends, old and new, ate some seriously delicious meals, interviewed an interior design phenom (for an upcoming episode!) and, oh ya, attended my favourite blogging conference of the year – BlogPodium.

I haven’t fully processed all that I learned last weekend. The last time I went to the conference, I came away with ‘book smarts’ – like how to make text overlays and use WordPress plug-ins and take better photos. This year’s takeaways are more emotional, mindful and seem to be washing over me in sporadic waves. Summing up what I learned, it’d just be ‘go with your gut’ and ‘follow your joy’ – which sounds trite and overly simple. It’s not that simple. But I’m going to roll with it and keep doing my best to operate on a frequency that gives off good vibes and attracts them in return. I mean – something must be working  because as I’m publishing this post, I’m actually over at the tv station filming a segment on IKEA hacks. Seriously guys – sometimes my job is so strange and fun, I have to pinch myself!

This episode of In The Storyhouse is intended to capture the essence of the conference day. I literally ran around between sessions grabbing audio clips from people and recording snippets of sessions to share with you all. Because of that, this episode definitely sounds different than our last four, but that’s because it was on location, raw and real and then I stitched it all together after 🙂

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Episode 5 Show Notes

This episode is live on location at BlogPodium 2017

The first sound clip is Keka Dasgupta from Precision Marketing Group. Find her on Twitter at and Instagram at

“Brand fit and then a good ROI compared to media; this was the language I pulled from a brief from a client, so to show how much we’ve moved forward, today influencers have become arguably even more important than media in some categories.” [4:30]

Mentions and Voices heard

Kristen Sanger of (now called Shutterstock Custom) talks about the power of InstaStories. [10:40] Find Kristen on Twitter at and Instagram at

Voices heard:

“I think really getting into the length of stories and really the attention spans because I think as long as bloggers take that into account when they create their content, it’s going to change their game. So that if we’re thinking through things in the way people engage with content, then the content we create is going to be more impactful because that’s what’s driving it.”

Mentions and Voices Heard:

“It’s fun to be in a room with people who just get it. You don’t need to explain…”

“I think every year it’s great, but this year in particular I feel like we’ve all started to hit our stride. and it’s a very inclusive and welcoming community and I love that… We don’t see competition and I love that.” [15:00]

“It’s very motivating hearing all the people who are in your same shoes and their experiences I think is the biggest takeaway for me ; knowing where they’re at and where they were and that with hard work you can get there too. [16:00]  It’s very inspiring to have a lot of food for thought about how we go next from now on. Are we doing the right things? Are we doing the smart thing? Lots of opportunity.”

“There’s always learning and just small little opportunities; little conversations that you have in a hallway with somebody maybe you’ve never met before who’s just starting out or who’s been doing this for way longer than you have and they give you these little bits of information and they don’t even know they are giving it to you and you learn something new and it’s amazing… so ya – that’s my favourite.” [17:20]

The last audio clip voice you hear is Leslie Biggley of The Leslie Style.comYou can find Leslie on Instagram at


“Push, if you haven’t yet. Push to get that first brand and it’s going to change the way you look at yourself and they way you think about your stuff. You’re just going to exude a new confidence and then the other brands are going to see you and it’s going to be like a chain effect, so just push to get those first ones.” [18:40]

Announcement of the interview subject for Episode #6 comes at [25:15]





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