How to Make a DIY Botanical Stamped Table Runner

Back today with another quick and simple DIY for the holiday season! I am SO hard on my table linens. I don’t know what it is about me – but mine never seem to make it through a couple seasons without permanent stains. I’m also a victim of rapidly changing tastes when it comes to textiles and textures – so I rarely spend a lot on table dressings. This DIY Botanical Stamped Table Runner is a perfect solution if you want something fun, custom and you don’t want to spend a lot of money!

I won’t even both with a supply list for this project because it is THAT simple. All you need is a laminated canvas drop cloth (I only like laminated because if there is a spill, it won’t seep through to the table as fast or at all), scissors, paint and a couple of paint brushes. I’d use the small 1/2 inch craft brushes or smaller if you have them.

Cut your drop cloth to your desired size. Honestly, I didn’t even measure mine, I just laid it on the table and folded it until I felt it was wide enough and made a straight cut. The whole point of this project is for it to be simple and imperfect – so just cut away!

Then head outside and gather some small to medium sized LEAVES! I used some sumac leaves because I loved the long shape of the overall bunches the compound effect of the leaves. 

The next step is to use your small craft brush (one for each colour of paint you have) and effectively trace the leaves with your brush. With these smaller leaves, I actually just painted the whole leaf and allowed my brush to ‘go outside the lines’ to achieve the organic, botanical look I was going for. Warning – your fingers WILL GET MESSY. 🙂 

This was the experimentation piece I did before settling on the overall design for the table runner. I did this thinking I’d want to have multiple leaf types and all close together – but when I laid this on my table, it just felt too busy for my brain to handle. That’s why I ended up scaling back the colours to just navy, teal and camo green and only using the sumac leaves. 

I LOVE LOVE how it turned out! It took about three hours to dry completely from start to finish, so this is definitely a project that can be started and finished in less than a day. 

Hope you have a chance to try this! It’s a great project for kids 🙂


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