Balancing Heart & Money – In The Storyhouse Episode #7

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It’s an emotional tug of war In The Storyhouse this week, as Jen and I begin to dig into the constant battle between heart and money. I won’t beat around the bush – when you are a solopreneur (like I am), the struggle is real and present, every single day. I am constantly weighing my need to survive with my desire to create, my ability to regenerate my creative juices, the stark reality that there are only so many hours in a day that I choose to devote to ‘work’….

I recently lamented in a personal FB post that I wish I didn’t have to do accounting and fill out forms and could just head to my studio and paint pumpkins and make videos all day….but alas, such is the life of a professional content creator. I also found myself writing an off the cuff post this week about how I’m SICK of living in an all white house. After soul searching, I determined my colour choices (or lack there of) where partly due to my fear of not having good ‘social worthy’ spaces in my home. Ummm…. I live here. Emphasis on the I… how easy it is to forget that fact when navigating this strange and wonderful online world. What is all coming clear is that I (and thousands of others) am battling content creator fatigue… which is amplified by certain dynamics in today’s digital landscape.

Not to say that I’m always tired. I’m not. I LOVE my job and each day really is an open book of opportunity. I guess what I’m saying is there are  unique struggles to being a ‘blogger’ that have become more prevalent in recent years and months – all of which pull on the heart and tug at the wallet;

  • the notion that brands (for the most part) are attracted to working with ‘younger’ influencers, despite the fact that younger influencers tend to deliver younger audiences, who tend to have little to no spending power;
  • the notion that being a digital content creator is just taking pictures and posting, which leads content creators to feel constantly defensive about justifying their value;
  • the notion that bloggers and influencers are incredibly susceptible to ‘scope creep’ and doing totally not normal things in their every day lives to fulfill blog and content obligations;
  • the notion that being bold has become synonymous with understanding your people so well that you don’t care what others think, say or do. Being bold isn’t about being reckless, it’s about being focused. (I’m almost certain this was always the case, but this dynamic feels new to me).

The key to making it out alive and intact is to see these dynamics as broad strokes and continually find opportunities to position yourself in a way that doesn’t devalue your work, overpromise on expectations, or force you to over-share.

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Episode Show Notes

“What’s a perennial? It’s someone in the 40 to 50 year old demographic…”

Telegraph Journal Article we reference: 

Armed with negative stereotypes about older women, companies still focus on millennials despite the greater financial firepower of 40-plussers. Says Rebecca, ‘By 2020 it is estimated that up to a third of the UK workforce will be 50-plus and they will control 80 per cent of the wealth.

‘We know that 85 per cent of purchasing decisions are made by women and yet 91 per cent of women don’t believe advertisers understand them. This isn’t good enough.’

I feel like social media – the actual content of it, is not speaking to me, especially in the last few years… there has been such a focus on the Millenial generation -both for blogs and for brands… and it’s left quite a few of us feeling disengaged.

“A couple of years ago, there was a wide spread ‘look’ to bloggers ; lying in our beds with our monogrammed mugs and all our photos were white washed and it would be hashtag girl boss, hashtag hustle and that was what was being put out there – that we were all these millenial moms with young kids and everything was really white and pretty and soft pink and honestly that phase in social media made me feel like that is not my life at all…”

“If you look at the most popular Instagrammers out there, they are the ones living their best lives. They have Instagram husbands following them around…that’s who’s at the top of the heap…but that’s not all that is out there.”

“There has been such a focus on celebrity and Instagrammers that brands have forgotten their end customer.”

Example of an influencer Instagram campaign gone VERY WRONG [14:30]

LinkedIn Article about $20,000 Instagram spend without any results

“We’ve got to shift our focus and say that Millenial with the highest reach is not the end all, be all solution to every collaboration.”


4 thoughts on “Balancing Heart & Money – In The Storyhouse Episode #7

  1. >Armed with negative stereotypes about older women, companies still focus on millennials despite the greater financial firepower of 40-plussers.
    ‘We know that 85 per cent of purchasing decisions are made by women and yet 91 per cent of women don’t believe advertisers understand them. This isn’t good enough.’<

    It is so true that advertisers don't "get" us. They pander to the younger people. Try being in the over 60 crowd. We are not all too senile to use a smart phone (and we don't have to have "bigger" buttons on it) as we help to take care of our grandkids, as is portrayed in one cell phone commercial.

    I am on Facebook and used to blog on Xanga, when it existed. I have posted many pictures of make-overs we have done in our house. But as I have gotten older, I have realized that I do what makes me happy. I am glad if others like what I have done, but if they don't, I don't care. It's my house.

    1. There is something so liberating with just doing what makes your own heart sing, eh? Thanks for listening Cindy! And thank you for the comments – we really appreciate it!

  2. That podcast was a fabulous listen! As a plus 40 year old woman trying to revive her blog and be relevant on IG, it feels so discouraging to see the younger set with their fairy tale pictures get all the attraction. Your podcasts are so encouraging. Love the easy going conversation you and Jen have going on. Keep em coming.

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