The Blogger Pre-Nup with Keka Dasgupta – In The Storyhouse Episode #8

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I am still bursting with inspiration. Here’s why. A couple days ago, Jen (from Rambling Renovators) and I hooked up with Keka DasGupta over Skype. Keka is well known in the Canadian marketing landscape as someone who has worked with giant brands, written new stories, changed the way brands interact with their audiences. We knew we wanted to invite her In The Storyhouse to offer her perspective on the current state of the ‘digital world’ – but I don’t think either of us anticipated just how much we’d learn.

This photo (by the talented Gooseberry Photos) from BlogPodium makes me laugh. That’s Keka wowing the crowd with her knowledge…and me in the background looking on with a ‘holy moly’ look on my face 😛 

Coming off the heels of Episode 7, in which Jen and I delved into how we’re feeling a bit ‘left behind by the Millenial generation’ – we learned to rephrase and rearticulate our value as being ‘Millenial-minded’, how to arm ourselves with information about you, our audiences, so that we keep creating content that makes sense.

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Episode 8 Show Notes

Our guest In The Storyhouse is Keka DasGupta

  • Worked on such brands as IKEA, Nike, Disney, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, etc.
  • Negotiated many brand partnerships
  • Today, she’s an entrepreneur, and consulting with DDB as their Vice President of PR
  • Twitter: @kekad, Instagram: @kekadasgupta

We talk about ‘The brand head space’

  • Keka says – You need to decide if you’re going to be a Pirate or The Navy
  • It’s critical to “know your audience” if you want to work with brands
  • Visualize your client/brands – are they skydiving or crunching numbers?

Tricks to ‘be successful’ at forming solid partnerships, especially if you don’t feel you fit that form of a Millenial Mom or creative

  • Boardrooms are targeting “Millenial-minded” audiences – tech and social savy
  • Best negotiators research and know the “wins” on the other side of the table – ask them for their performance criteria (e.g. audience reach and engagement, brand awareness versus sales, etc.)
  • How to find PR agencies that work with specific brands (where to look)

Is there a comparison to be made between the way brands interact with influencers and the way they interact with mainstream media? How much cross-over is there?

  • Clients are often looking for greater reach with least spend – and influencer/media cross-overs are the most desired
  • Influencers in some categories are more important – but brands need to see confidence and reports that demonstrate influence
  • Specific rates that influencers can charge in relation to traditional media (Canadian House & Home full page ad rates for ex.)

What are some of your tips for ‘being discovered’? Are there tricks for increasing your ‘findability’?

  • Make it easy for brands and agencies to find you! You have to go out and seek them!
  • Google PR agencies and reach out to them. CCPRF (Canadian Council of PR firms), IABC, or CPRS awards – get their names – reach out!
  • Make it easy for people to get info on you – media kit – fashion it after the magazines but with your own style. You don’t have to put rates on there, but a starting point is always a good conversation starter


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