How to Build a Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Mid-November and I’m ready to put those pumpkins away for another year and get out the holiday greens and garlands. I’m happy to say Black+Decker Canada is sponsoring this post so I can show you how I raided my scrap wood pile and created the cutest little scrap wood Christmas trees!

And, if you’re in Halifax and/or Atlantic Canada, make sure you tune into Global Halifax on Friday. I’ll be over there on the AM show talking about my favourite tools and DIY presents for under the tree this year.

Here’s what you need to make these scrap wood Christmas trees:

AND… if you’re looking for a great gift this All in One Project Kit is a steal! I’ll be featuring it in my Black Friday Thursday Trends post – but I figured I’d give you all the heads up 🙂

The first thing you want to do is cut down your scrap wood. I had a rectangular piece left in the shop, so I used the corner for my tree top and drew parallel lines across the board, making cuts to create my branches. I used the leftover cuts to make the branches on my second tree. (In case you didn’t think I love ‘using everything to its fullest potential’ haha)

I had a couple 1×2 boards and an old shelf board I chopped down to form my tree trunk. I’m sure you know by now that I’m not really a ‘perfectionist’ when it comes to my wood crafts. I don’t measure precisely unless I absolutely must. In this case, I decided how tall I wanted my trees and cut 🙂 They are about 24″ or so.

Then I lined up my branches on my trunks to make sure I like the spacing. The second tree was a bit trickier because I used mitred corners – but eventually I got there. In truth, if you’re afraid of wood crafts, this is a great starter project because it lets you experiment with all sorts of different angled cuts. I used my mouse sander to take the hard edges down a bit. Man! This thing is GREAT for crafting!!

Next was paint. I used a variety of different greens and whites to bring my trees to life. Then I scuffed them up a bit with sand paper.

I used some glaze on a few of the branches to give each on a distinct look. I poured it on randomly and then wipe it in and off with a rag to get a distressed look. Such a fun technique I’d like to use more often. 

Putting the trees together with this 20V Cordless Glue Gun was kinda fun LOL If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might have noticed that before this project, I was the not-so-proud owner of the worst glue gun in history. This Glue Gun is like owning a Mercedes after driving a jalopy LOL SO. MUCH. BETTER. And because it’s stronger, I’m more comfortable using it on slightly heavier materials like this plywood.

After it all dried, I tacked a hanger on the back and used the Picture Hanging Kit to put them up in….. the new (almost complete) foyer!!! I love the green against the navy, don’t you?!

Stay tuned to the blog – tomorrow Jane & Sonja from Sustain My Craft Habit are sharing another ‘green’ project with us, I’ve got a fun Thursday Trends post planned with a few of my favourite #Moms30for30 outfit basics and then In The Storyhouse dives deep into Pinterest on Friday.

THEN –  next week, my hope is I’ll have another fun wood craft to share with you that is colourful and uses my new Black+Decker cordless jig saw!

Happy decorating!!  – E

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2 thoughts on “How to Build a Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

  1. The green on the navy is awesome – makes me start dreaming of navy walls!! We SO need a refresh. We also need some easy projects & this is perfect. Love how such simple projects can have such impact.

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