Creating your Own Online Career – In The Storyhouse Episode #12

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File this into the category of things I never EVER dreamed I’d be writing about. This week In The Storyhouse, Jen and I are talking business and the art of crafting your own career. Many of you know my path to now has been wayward and winding. I don’t hide that – and in fact, I’ve come to celebrate it. And very recently, I’ve started believing that ‘setting a path’ to success is about the worst thing a person can do… I mean, why limit yourself from the start?

I had a traditional education and ‘academic career’ in my early life. I have an Honours Degree from the University of Toronto. I have a Masters degree from Western University. I went straight from grad school to work ‘in my field’ for a ‘reputable company’. I played by the rules of the world. Go to school. Pick a box to put yourself in. Find a career in that box. Be bound by the walls of that box forever more.

UNTIL the day that box stopped representing freedom and started to feel stifling.

I like to think that day was when I hit publish on my first blog post. Hindsight proves that part of ME, the true me, wanted to get outside that box. I wanted to stop having to tell stories in 35 seconds (radio). I wanted to stop fearing the :58 and :28 (because if you saw that on the minute display on the newsroom clock it meant you had less than two minutes to make it into the studio chair before you missed your live newscast). I wanted to stop having to parse down creativity for sake of the clock, for sake of the show, for sake of that ONE VIEWER who was likely to complain (mainstream news television). I wanted to stop telling myself that I was never going to make more than $$$$$ a year because ‘that’s the way of the world’.

I wanted to SPREAD MY WINGS and Jean Luc Picard the crap out of my creative abilities – I wanted to boldly go where society’s structures didn’t want me to go.

And that’s where I am today. In the friggin bold unknown. To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of time to reflect on my present state lately because I’ve been so caught up in making it happen. However, I have taken the time to crunch numbers and discover that I’m now doubling that ‘income top out’ number that I believed in for so long.

This past Tuesday, I found myself having a conversation about how I ‘made the transition’ from traditional work to entrepreneurship. It was an unexpected conversation that has lead me to a very unexpected opportunity (that perhaps I will share more about in the coming weeks). And beyond the nuts and bolts of learning about business structures, business plans, invoicing and work flow was this incredible discussion about vision.

I’ve been lucky in that I’m surrounded by people who constantly push me to reenvision my value, my skills, my abilities – my husband Dan is chief among them. But not everyone has that. So with today’s podcast, my hope is that Jen and I become that voice for you. That in giving a bit of insight into how we’ve shaped our online careers, we can help you envision a version of yourself that is not limited by those ‘boxes’, who is limitless in capacity to seek and create opportunity and who finds themselves faced with self-made success daily.


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