How to Set a Hygge Tablescape

I think it’s fair to say our dining room has taken front and centre stage on the blog and in our home so far this year. We just love the simple updates we made with our barn board wall! We are in the middle of our main floor bathroom renovation and I have already started shopping for some spring decor…..AND we are turning our attention to the basement playroom very soon, but before all that I wanted to have one last ‘play’ in the dining room. I decided to set up a Hygge Tablescape! How to set a Hygge Tablescape

I know Hygge is more about feeling than decor. I’ve written quite a bit about my love of Hygge – you can see my recommendations for how to start inviting it into your home with simple changes here. At it’s core, it’s about creating a cozy and inviting feeling within your dwelling that extends from the physical into the emotional. I mean, that is speaking my language! Amirght?!

So in the dining room, I draped two chairs with soft and fluffy faux fur rugs. How deluxe!

The table linens are calming, cool and casual in tones of greys and blues that really emphasize the tie into the natural barn board on the wall. (Mine are from HomeSense, but here are some from Amazon that are similar and washable!) The dishes themselves are modest – plain white curved plates with white ramekins, ready for antipasto, nibbles and family meal sharing.

The other thing I love about the crossover with Hygge and home is the emphasis on reflections. In winter, there is less light, so Hygge invites what little light there is to bounce around and generate happier energy. This is achieved so perfectly using reflective surfaces like copper metal Moscow Mule mugs, vintage silver candlesticks and of course, glittery pinecones! 

Then there are reminders of home and a bit of whimsy – which I achieved in this tablescape with the little house ornaments and some quirky black and white cat salt and pepper shakers! I finished it off with my fave Hygge accent – the strand of wooden beads. I love how sculptural they are with zero effort. 

Hopefully the table stays like this for a couple of days before all mayhem occurs with the playroom renovations!

Happy Hygge! (<– I still don’t think people actually say this… lol)

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