Decorating a Home Office with Function and Style

Inside: Things to consider when selecting lighting and rugs for a home office that you might not think of! Details on how to create natural light, warm floors and a cozy atmosphere for work.

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I’ve been wanting to give you all a sneak peek at the full glory of my new home office for a while and I’d be remiss if I didn’t spend a little bit of time focusing on two of the elements that literally make the room – the chandelier and the rug! 

I found the lighting in this room to be incredibly challenging for two reasons. One, it has a direct sightline through the rest of the house and therefor I couldn’t go too bold with the lighting or it would look clashy. Two, the ceilings are vaulted to 14′ high, which means that I had to put something substantial up or it would look too small and out of scale.

One morning while surfing Wayfair’s site (which I do weekly in the early mornings), I found this beaded chandelier and I knew it was the one I needed in my office.

It has the right beachy feel for my house and isn’t too overwhelming with flashy metallics or chrome. And it’s a great size, measuring about 18″ around and almost 24″ long.

When we hung it up, we were replacing a ceiling fan and an oddly placed dimmer switch. When you replace a fan on a dimmer with a light? You need to replace the entire switch. Just an FYI. The electrical isn’t as simple as swapping fixtures. But we got it hung up in about 45 minutes and it’s just the right thing!

Down below, is the rug. I hunted and hunted for a square rug for ages. One that wouldn’t compete with the wall treatments I wanted in the space and one that would still allow my desk chair to roll around, but also be cozy under foot.

I found this hand-woven rug on Wayfair in an 8′ square and I knew immediately it was the solution. This rug is a mix of denim and jute. It has a loose weave, which means it’s not scratchy, and it’s low pile so my chair can still move around while I work.

This room has never had a rug in it before! Well, at least since we moved in.

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