Make your own Metallic Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

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Inside: The simplest method to make DIY Metallic Christmas Trees from pallet wood or scrap wood. The perfect homemade decor accent for the holidays.

This project makes me laugh, in a good way, every time I think about it. I made pumpkins using this method a couple of years ago, but never posted about them because I thought they were too simple! When they showed up in the background of my Instagram posts, people started asking about them and slowly the conversation became that I should attempt the same method, but with small wooden Christmas Trees. So today, I’m sharing how to make your own Metallic Pallet Wood Christmas Trees using leftover supplies. 

You might also want to have a look at a couple other scrap wood projects I’ve done! Including scrap wood trees that hang on the wall and these awesome designer-looking mirrors that were framed with scrap wood!

Supplies to make Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

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Like I said, this project is so simple, I’m not even sure it’s more than three steps! But here it goes. The first thing I did was select a long piece of scrap wood that had minimal damage from my stash. If you don’t have access to scrap wood and you want to build these, just go to your local hardware store or lumber yard and ask to see the cull pieces. Those are the ones that are twisted or have some flaw and they can’t be used in actual construction – so they sell them at deep discount. To make two trees like mine, you’ll need about six to eight feet of board. 

A word, my board was way too thick at 5 3/4″. I wanted to make Christmas trees, not the Great Pyramids of Egypt LOL. So my first step was to cut my board into sections with the largest at just more than 7″ and reducing the length of the sections by about 1″ with each go around until I got to a piece about 2″ in width. Then I sliced each of them down the middle so they weren’t so thick. If you are doing this from scratch, search for scrap wood that’s long, but aim for a 3″ wide board to avoid this step – as it was a bit of a pain in the butt. 

I used three different shades of silver and gold metallic spray paint and layered them onto the wood pieces randomly. The most important thing is to have all the sides covered as those will be visible on your trees. 

From there, I simply stacked and glued the trees starting with a small trunk piece and then going from largest to smallest. I rotated the board type as I went to give them a less uniform look. 

That’s it! Tell me this isn’t the simplest way to use up scrap wood around the holidays?! Right?? 

If you’re looking for more scrap wood projects

  • Check out Katie from Little House of Four – she inspired the initial pumpkins that inspired this project
  • Creekline House has a roundup of scrap wood projects, including a couple of ways to make a star, snowman and a bunch of wall hanging tree ideas. 

More Scrap Wood Projects from DIY Passion 

I love these wall hanging scrap wood trees! I think they will forever be my favourite because of the bright green colour. 

DIY Scrap Wood Trees

These DIY Wooden Lanterns can definitely be whipped up with leftover wood… and they use a Kreg Jig which is one of my absolute favourite gizmos ever!

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Make your own Metallic Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

Inside: The simplest method to make DIY Metallic Christmas Trees from pallet wood or scrap…


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