Creative Easter Gift Basket Ideas for the Whole Family

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Inside: Get creative this Easter with these adorable, easy, DIY Easter Gift ideas for babies, toddlers, teens and adults. So simple to pull together and enjoy on a family weekend. 

I can still remember being a tiny little girl and waking up to see the Easter Bunny had arrived at our house overnight. She would always leave me a little stuffed toy (my favourite was the year I got a pink chicken!), some candy eggs to hunt for and a new dress or rain coat. 

I’d gobble up the candy, put on my new duds and we’d go to church and the day was always full of so much promise. Promise for spring, summer and fun days ahead. Easter baskets are quite a traditional gift to give and they are perfect to pull together for the big day. They are kind of like the Christmas Stocking of Easter 🙂 

This year, my daughter will be old enough to understand what’s happening and I want to be as creative as possible with her gift. I’m planning on following the same principles I follow at Christmas time. 

Elements to include in an Easter Gift Basket

Something they need 

This is a parents’ chance to take the kids by surprise and set the gift giving agenda. Does your kid need a new toothbrush, ball cap, shoes? Put them in the Easter basket! 

Something they want

I’m pretty sure every kid wants some form of candy or chocolate, right? 

Something to read or wear

A lovely keepsake for the season, something to read can be a special Easter or Bible book, a song book or for the really little kids, a colouring book! 

Something fun and seasonal

 Easter is always in the spring and outdoor toys are the best way to celebrate spring! Use your Easter gift basket to encourage them to take it outdoors and enjoy the changing weather. 

In case you need more inspiration, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite Easter Gift Basket ideas in terms of Fillers and then I’ve also linked to a few excellent tutorials I found for Themed Easter Baskets that might spark inspiration in you! 

Playful Easter Basket Ideas

Inspiring ideas to fill your family Easter baskets!

Jump Rope!

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FILLER IDEA: Who doesn't love to jump rope like a bunny at Easter? 😉

A Baking Themed Basket

Photo Credit:

I love this basket idea! Especially since I bake with P almost every weekend, this is a great gift for a young person you know loves to whip things up in the kitchen

Sidewalk Chalk!

Photo Credit:

FILLER IDEA: Sidewalk chalk is the perfect activity for early spring!

Baseball Themed Easter Basket

Photo Credit:

This is SUCH a great idea! Use a hat and fill it with treats. I think this post says this is for boys, but I feel it's 100% gender neutral.

Harry Potter hunts for Easter Eggs!

Photo Credit:

FILLER IDEA: Harry Potter LEGO. Need I say more?

Baby Stuffies

Photo Credit:

FILLER IDEA: This is too flipping cute. My Mom...errr...Easter Bunny...always got us a small stuffie each year.

Rainy Day Easter Basket

Photo Credit: stinkin' cute is this?! Create a spring themed basket in an UMBRELLA!! I honestly might do this for P this year.

Giant Bubbles!

Photo Credit:

FILLER IDEA: Anticipate good weather and give the kids something fun to do outside on Easter Weekend! Bubbles always fascinate and entertain.

Rain Boot Easter Basket

Photo Credit:

Again with the adorable. This is like the hat one, give the kids something they likely need (boots, a hat) but fill it with things that are fun! Candy and a few toys.

An Outdoor Garden Set

Photo Credit:

FILLER IDEA: Or maybe fill this up? Great for a group gift if you have littles. Imagine the bunny leaving this with some gardening supplies for a family veggie patch? So much to love here.

Grown Up Easter Basket

Photo Credit:

Grown ups like Easter Baskets too. I would take this basket and go to my room and not come downstairs. Face masks, chocolate, rose. Yes please.

A Creative Art Easter Basket

Photo Credit:

Much like the cooking enthusiast basket, this one is for your little budding artist. I love that Easter always feels like new life. What better way to encourage that in your children than with a creative gift?

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