IKEA Havsta Review

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Inside: A complete review of the IKEA Havsta china cabinet units; used in a living room for toy storage, glassware and turn table and records! How easy it is to assemble and how to pair the Havsta with other low price IKEA items. 

Oh it’s been a while since we’ve dug deep into a good old fashioned product review and I’m beyond excited to bring this one to you today. In the last month, we purchased the long awaited IKEA Havsta unit for our living room. It is marketed as dining storage, but don’t let that fool you. This combination of cabinets and storage tower

s packs a mega organization punch that will work in almost any room of the house. 

Today, I’m sharing my initial thoughts and reviews of the Havsta and how it’s worked for us so far. 

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Assembling the Ikea Havsta

I’m going to start with the not so glowing news. I’m only saying that because assembling anything properly seems to take a lot longer than you think it will. And I also like to warn people when something looks like a one-person job, but it’s actually a two-person job. 

As far as assembly goes, the Havsta is fairly standard Ikea. It all fit into the back of our car and our unit fit into 10 boxes or so.

We bought two full height china cabinets with glass doors on the top and then a bottom unit with a sliding door. The total number of units is technically five – two on the top and three on the bottom. 

The glass inserts on the doors and shelves all come packaged separately, probably to avoid shattering as much as possible. 

We were worried the sliding doors would be annoying to install – but they were the least annoying part of the entire thing. The hardest assembly was getting the swinging doors on straight (which required one person holding the door flush while the other screwed in the hinge) and placing the top unit on the bottom unit (definitely a two person lift).

Other Ikea Products that match the Havsta

What I like about this Havsta already is how well I can see it pairing with other Ikea products. The Havsta is solid wood, so it will match any and all of the other solid products in Ikea’s lineup.

I’m curious to see if we’ll be able to make use of another Havsta in the basement alongside our plans to use Ivar Cabinets. 

As far as styling, the Havsta seems to be like a big sister to the Hemnes line. We had a Hemnes china cabinet in the living room for years, but it’s 12″ depth was very limiting. So it’s nice to have both the Havnas and the Hemnes to offer a bit of variety in terms of what you can store.

Key Features of the Havsta

Oh where do I begin! I absolutely adore this storage unit. The key thing is the colour palette. Havsta (as of 2019) comes in three colours, a white, a deep grey and a dark black-brown. Essentially, you are guaranteed to find one to match your style.

We briefly toyed with doing grey bottoms and a white tops, but our space is quite small and I wanted a seamless look. But I do think a two toned approach would be AMAZING. 

The other key feature of the Havnas is the depth. This is actually the reason we bought it. The Havnas measures a full 18″ deep, which means that it can hold most toys, books and even records AND a turn table on top. We plan to move our turn table to the living room now that we have a deep enough shelf to put it on.

In terms of the doors, the Havnas upper cabinets do not have a middle post – which means when you swing them open, you are able to use the full shelf and not have to angle anything in to maximize space.  #love

This is also the case for the bottom cabinets with doors, however the sliders only give you access to one half of the cabinet at a time.

Quality of the Havsta

I’ve owned a lot of Ikea in my time and the quality of this product impressed me. One of the most impressive attributes is the full length bottom board that is used to unify the cabinets – making them appear to be more robust and built-in.

If you compare this to the very bottom line Billy bookcase or even the slightly more robust Liatorp, it’s a stand out feature. 

The description of the product says it’s solid wood and it most certainly is. In fact, almost all the areas of the cabinet that are hidden by the assembly are unfinished solid wood. 

Comparing Price Points of the Ikea Havsta 

Our five units cost us just over $1400 CAD including sales tax. They took us about two days to fully assemble. If we are comparing this to other IKEA units of the same size, it’s definitely a good price point. If you are comparing to other retailers’ wall units? You literally cannot beat this price for the quality of the cabinetry. 

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8 thoughts on “IKEA Havsta Review

  1. Thanks for this post! Can you tell me if you have to install the doors? Specifically the sliding doors? I was wondering if I could just leave a portion open

    1. hmmm…good question! I bet you could… but you could also probably buy the version of this shelf that has no doors. I think they sell those as well.

  2. These look great! Do you know how tall each shelf space is? I have a lot of books I’d like to store in the cabinet and am worried a lot of them will be too tall to fit.

    1. The shelves are fairly generous! Almost all my taller books fit. There was one coffee table style book I had to lay on its side, but all the others (like cookbooks etc.) all stand up.

  3. Hello. Do you know if Havsta “white” matches the Hemnes “white stain”?? Thanks! … and great work!

    1. It’s not exact – but it’s definitely close enough that the two pieces can be in the same room. I find the Havsta white is a bit cooler than the Hemnes.

  4. Thank you! This is on our todo list for August. Could you tell me where you purchased your rug? I love it and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

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