Creative Ways to Hack the IKEA Bekväm Spice Rack

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Inside: Hack the classic Ikea BEKVÄM spice rack into everything from kitchen and bathroom storage, a book rack, craft storage and more! 

Sometimes you just need a good Ikea hack, am I right? In case you’re new here, I’m basically obsessed with mixing Ikea with higher end pieces to create affordable home decor and storage. 

I’ve got scads of posts about Ikea, from how to organize a small linen cupboard in less than a day, to hacking an inexpensive bookshelf to make a gift wrap station to customizing a basic Kallax shelf to give it an elevated look. 

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Today, I’m sharing the love for one of the most celebrated and inexpensive Ikea classics – the Bekväm Spice Rack. Now, the price of this solid wood spice rack will vary depending on where you live. But it’s incredibly economical and can be customized to do almost anything you can imagine! 

Here I’ve got some of the most Creative Ways to use the Ikea Bekväm Spice Rack for anything but spices. 

Use the Bekvam to hang kids' clothing

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An adorable solution for kids clothing! Flip the spice rack upside down and use the rail to hang dress up clothes or small dresses and outfits.

Swap Spices for Paints

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Because the spice rack is designed for small bottles, you can use it for small bottles of anything. Here, it's used on the wall to store craft and art supplies and it's perfect.

Notebooks and cookbooks

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Similarly, the spice rack can be used as a ledge for notebooks and guide books in an arts and craft space.

Spice rack turned cleaning storage

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Mounted on the inside of a closet or cupboard door, the spice rack is ideal for holding all sorts of cleaning products! Bonus because it's out of the way of kids and up off the floor.

Ikea spice rack bookshelves for children's rooms

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Speaking of kids, why not paint the spice racks and use them for a pop of colour at kids level and fill them with story books?! So cute.

A cutting board rack made from 2 spice racks

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This is a genius hack for the Ikea spice rack. Hang one on top of the other on the back of a cupboard door to create a slot to hold cutting boards.

Spice rack turned necklace holder

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Another hack that hangs the spice rack upside down and then adds small hooks for necklaces! Use the shelf above for cosmetics and nail polish.

BEKVAM Spice rack turned toilet paper roll holder

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This is Scandi-chic. Ikea now sells leather like handles that can be mounted beneath the spice rack to hold a wooden dowel. Use the wooden dowel for your toilet paper! I think I might do this in our power room!

Spice rack turned bathroom storage

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Similarly, you could use the spice rack for general space saving bathroom storage too.

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