16 Rustic Decor Ideas to Get you Ready for Fall

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Inside: 16 rustic decor and DIY ideas you can make for every room in the house; reclaimed wood, plank framed mirrors, barn wood walls and more!

There’s something so comforting about rustic decor in the fall. To me, it signifies bringing the outdoors in, celebrating natural textures and creating a cozy environment as the seasons change. The other lovely thing about rustic decor is that you can typically get the look without spending a ton of money!

Today, I’m rounding up a bunch of my favourite Rustic Decor Ideas to get you Ready for Fall!


Rustic DIY Photo Display with Air Dry Clay

Probably one of my favourite ways to use old rustic boards! Click through to see the full tutorial, but in nutshell - grab an old piece of hardwood or beat up a piece of lumber from the hardware store. Stain it and wrap it with jute twine. I LOVE this for a photo display!

How to Style a Rustic Bookshelf like a Pro

Rustic is all about the styling, the mixing and the matching. Here are some quick tips on how you can style your bookshelves to get a rustic look. (Bonus: this is free!)

How to Make a DIY Rustic Full Length Mirror

Four boards, some mirror clips and a few screws and you can snag this designer rustic look for basically nothing. This tutorial shows you how we took a full length mirror from Walmart and turned it into a one of a kind rustic framed mirror!

How to Make a Simple Rustic Centrepiece out of Reclaimed Wood

Grab a bunch of thrifted bowls, a chunky piece of wood and style up a unique and festive centrepiece. I love using bright white pumpkins and magnolia leaves to keep the modern rustic look alive.

How to Turn Fence Posts into Rustic Candlesticks

Fence posts? Yes. Use some old 4x4s and a large drill bit to create pillar candlesticks! Click through for the full tutorial.

How to Build a Rustic Mail Sorter 

A bit of an advanced tutorial, but OH SO CUTE. This Mail sorter is Joanna Gaines worthy and you can build it with some plywood and tongue and groove planking.

How to Make a DIY Wood Wall from an Old Fence

Definitely on the larger scale, this is a tutorial for how we reclaimed this old fence to turn it into a rustic plank wall. Once again FREE project! And amazing texture.

DIY Scrap Wood Signs 

Got scrap wood? Piece it together to make a rustic wall sign.

How to Make a Wood Shim Wreath with Paper Flowers

Paint sticks or wood shims turned into a rustic wall wreath! This one is spring-like, but you can add fall flowers to give it a more cozy feel. Click through to see the full tutorial.

DIY Herringbone Wood Shim Backsplash

Another way to use inexpensive wood shims to create texture and fun in a space. This backsplash is idea for a small kitchen nook or bookshelf. Bonus! It cost $4!

Reviewing Saman Interior Wood Stain

If you want the rustic look, you might have to beat up new boards to make them look old. I recently discovered this new stain company and I LOVE it. Click through for the review and info on where you can get Saman wood stain.

Bookcase Makeover with Driftwood Planks

Planking is not going away anytime soon and if you aren't going to plank a whole wall, why not plank a bookshelf? Here's how to do it.

How to Make Photo Mats from Craft Wood!

A bit of a boho scandi vibe on this project - Use basic plywood planks to create rustic photo mats out of wood! A simple way to add warmth and rustic texture without going overboard.

How to Transfer Images and Graphics onto Wood

Nothing scream rustic more than faded graphics on old wood. Here's how to recreate that look using a printer and wax paper!

DIY Tree Stump Table

Save hundreds of dollars and make your own DIY Tree Stump Table; this tutorial shows you how to strip the bark off the log, dry it out and seal it to create your own boho style, natural log side table.

DIY Boho Home Decor | Easy Craft Project

Boho decor inspiration with this DIY serving tray! Transform your home with bohemian style and a little bit of paint!

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