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24 Home Accessories to Boost your Style Now

You’ve heard it here many times.

The absolute SOB story that became my home and decor shopping world when Target Canada decided it could no longer stay in business in the Great White North and had to pull out – quickly, swiftly, as if they were never really here.

I know the business plan was flawed and there were problems with shelves left un-stocked for days and weeks and staff either overworked or underworked and pricing wars being waged and all that – but at the end of the day – I LOVED THEIR STUFF. So today, I will indulge not only in my #FirstWorldProblems, but also my desire to bring back the days of Target Canada. I’m showing you all 24 things that are currently in my fictional Target online shopping cart!

24 Home Accessories to Boost your Style Now24 Home Accessories to Boost your Style Now

The silver lining is that Canadians can now order from the website with shipping to Canada… A GLORIOUS thing.

Don’t get me wrong – I adored the in person trips to Target. I couldn’t resist the baskets, the lamps, the side tables, the PILLOWS, the bath towels, the cute accessories… I loved it all. Many of my friends live Stateside now and frequently say to me “Erin, I don’t know how you manage to decorate your home without Target.” To which I say “Amen. Thank goodness for the Internet.”

Please, if you shop – send me pictures so that I can feel like I’m part of the experience again. #JokingNOTJoking

Oh and before we get to it… I wanted to note that today’s post is Part One in a Style BOOSTER series I’m running! So make sure to subscribe or follow us on social media, because over the next week, I’m sharing some of my best DIY and decor secret to BOOST your style 😀

Let’s start with Accessories!

Top Accessory Picks to Update your Decor

  1. Trio Feather Art  – perfect for a dining room, hallway, living room, bedroom… ummm anywhere.
  2. Blue Table Vase – I can’t even handle the gorgeousness of this piece.
  3. Decorative Blue Porcelain Balls – I want to put these in a wooden bowl. I just do.
  4. Outdoor Wooden Tray – it might be freezing cold here, but I can dream about eating on the porch al fresco, right? It’d be made that much nicer with this awesome outdoor bread bowl.
  5. Metal Plate with a Glass Dome – The word deluxe comes to mind here. Imagine this filled with muffins or pastries on a buffet? I can. Or filled with a single bowl of succulents? Uh huh.
  6. Metal Clock – this is just awesome. I think every room needs a clock.
  7. Modern Glass Fox – Ya. I went there.
  8. Iron and wood bowl –  Oh, where should you put your keys? How about in my awesome mixed media bowl? Oh, where should you put your mail? How about in my awesome mixed media bowl?! 😀

Pillows & Rugs

Top Picks for Pillows & Area Rugs to Update your decor

  1. Hello Lovely Pillow – Put it on your couch. Smile.
  2. Pink Multi-Color Accent Rug – I have been looking for a rug like this one for a while. Subtle pattern, lots of colour, not too big or over the top. Perfect for in front of a small office desk or along side a bed for that oh-so-necessary hit of colour.
  3. Azure Harlow Rug – Speaking of colour, le. love. I love this so much.
  4. Otomi Pillow in Coral – the hottest color for spring paired with (one of) the hottest patterns to ever come out of Scandinavian design? Okay 🙂
  5. Tan Patio Rug – Never underestimate the power of a neutral outdoor rug to pull a space together. I like neutrals outside because they allow your eye to focus on the outdoors!
  6. Blue Crab Pillow – Don’t be crabby!
  7. Kenya Fleece Accent Rug – When the day comes that I no longer have a drooling, buffoon of a dog and when I no longer drink red wine, this is the rug I will buy. I will never own this rug. It will have to remain my spirit rug.
  8. Teal Triangle Pillow – Because I’m a sucker for imperfect geometry (I feel like that’s not a thing), and because this is the perfect pillow for the person who is afraid of color and pattern. Just do it. Your couch will smile.

Furniture & Lighting

Top Furniture and Lighting Picks to Update your Decor


  1. Wooden Glaze Teardrop Lamp – practically the perfect lamp, in my humble opinion. I love the tear drop shape, the copper accents, the height and the price!
  2. Entry way Bench – If we had a real entry? I’d have this bench. I loved the mixed media, the sleek Mid Century Modern feel. It would look fabulous with one of those pillows perched on top!
  3. Copper Ceiling Light – Don’t I look pretty drinking my coffee at my kitchen island under the glow of my copper pendant light? *In my dreams*
  4. Stacking Tables – Functional. Perfect mix of light and weight. Stacking. What more could you ask for from occasional tables?
  5. Industrial String Lights – Just plain fun. Have a hipster party. Hang these ironically from your bannister.
  6. Bralton Metal Headboard – This is exactly the bed I’ve been looking for. *Le Sigh*
  7. Angled Table Lamp – Such a neat design. I’d really like to get something like this for our living room fauxdenza eventually.
  8. Tufted Armchair – Oh. The Great Armchair Search! This chair has fabulous bones and would work with almost any style room.

So please! Send me pics of your shopping trips! 🙂 I miss Target, but I love sharing my cart with you 😀

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