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7 signs you are a DIY addict

So, in case you are new here 😉 we are clearly suffering from an addiction to DIYs. From furniture revamps to yard sale finds, room makeovers and beyond, that’s just what we love to do. In some cases, we feel compelled.

The baseline signs of addiction are:

  • Having (at least once) nearly caused a car crash after braking hard for a yard sale
  • Feeling the unquenchable need to display your spray paint collection, brushes and paint deck on the dining table just to see them all in one place (see feature image for this post)
  • Being overly excited when designer jeans develop a rip because then they become painting jeans

But folks, there are other, more insidious signs of DIY addiction 🙂 We know. Because we’ve been there. (Dun. Dun. Duuuuunnnnn….. *maniacal laughter*)

Today, as something fun and a bit silly totally serious, we’ve created a list of the 7 signs you are a DIY addict.7 signs you are addicted to DIYs png

1. You’ve got like 18 drills, in some cases, his and hers matching sets. 

Why would you ever want just one? In our house, ‘let’s drill’ means… just that. (Minds out of the gutter.. for realz.)

2. You not only have a giant 20-gallon pail full of stain blocking primer, but you have a custom painted dolly that you use to shuttle it around the house.

 And that dolly was picked from the garbage, rusty as all get-out, refurbished and spray painted with a high-end metallic oil rubbed bronze. Painta’s gotta paint, yo!

3. Your dog has had a speck of blue paint on his nose for weeks. And that’s totally alright with both him and you.

 It’s a supportive family. Sometimes wet noses and wagging tails get in the way. It’s like a badge of honour. Debate exists over renaming the animals in the house Dee, Eye and Why.

4. You own four different ladders of varying heights and it’s not a real project unless you find a way and reason to use them all. 

Once again, why would you want just one? Nothing screams date night like saying “Spot me while I climb 15 feet in the air to perfectly edge that corner with my new angled 3-inch paint brush!” … Ahhh… romance.

5. You’ve developed a somewhat unhealthy sense of confidence in that every time you walk into a retail store you say “I could totally build that” at least once. Often within earshot of a salesperson.

  This counts for furniture stores, grocery stores, pet stores… ALL. THE. STORES. Basically, believe you can build all the things. Because you can (eventually and after spending countless hours and money) build all the things.

6. You speak fluent Ikea. But never leave Ikea products as-is. Hacks are always better -duh!

Ranarp me your Kallax, you Ektorp. I Dombas that to Karlstad the Raskog. (If you didn’t understand that, you’re not fluent in Ikea. We recommend the Swedish meatballs and customizing your Billy to look ‘high-end’.)

7. You find $20 on the street and you say “Ah yeah! Think of all the lumber I can buy!” 

For DIY addicts, $20 buys you a lot of wood. Like, you probably could’ve saved Noah a lot of dough.

Have a great weekend!  PS. You can keep this joke going in the comments! We’d love to hear what signs you see that point to DIY addiction!

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Thursday 16th of July 2015

You can't walk past something in the store wondering how you could make it instead. DIY/crafting is a serious addiction, but we're not complaining, right? :) -Lacey

[email protected]

Monday 20th of July 2015

Serious. Addiction. :)

Mary-In the boondocks

Saturday 11th of July 2015

Thanks for the laugh of the day. I'm sure at least half of those can apply to all of us bloggers out there.


Saturday 11th of July 2015

You say over and over that you can't wait for whatever your current project is to be finished, yet as soon as it is - you totally find something else to remodel/redo almost immediately. Ask me how I know this? Lol... Great list! Enjoy your weekend!

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