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A Modern Nautical Dresser Makeover

Our hallway makeover continues today! It feels silly to say that because the hallway is such a small space, but there really are quite a few things that one can do to make over a hallway – and we still aren’t even really done.

Today, I’m showing you how I made over a thrifted dresser with this modern nautical dresser makeover.

Here are the supplies I used:

First things first, I had to remove the hardware and pry off the badly glued ‘trim’ work. I didn’t get a clear shot of the damaged drawers the first time, so I made sure to get one this time. See? Awful.How to update a dresser with nautical hardware

While I let my brain percolate on how I was going to deal with the drawers, I set to painting up the body of the dresser. I always ALWAYS start with stain blocking primer applied with a large foam brush when a piece is as damaged as this one. I actually put it to a vote on our social media channels! I couldn’t decide among these gorgeous colours from PARA Paints.

Coastal paint colours

We do have plans to use each of these colours in a project, but I couldn’t pick which one to use here. Well, you the readers spoke! And I went with Manitou Blue 2, which is  a shade darker than the walls in our blog office.

Three coats using a high-pile foam roller and she was shiny and new…and admittedly looking a little retro chic.  🙂

Then I had to deal with the dang drawers.

I wanted to keep with the nautical vibe. I’ve been obsessed with texture lately, especially after adding the textured paper to the purple lion dresser. But I wanted to try something different for this one. So off to the craft store I went and I came home with cream colour, laminated burlap.

At first I was going to use decoupage medium, but it just wasn’t strong enough to adhere to the laminated burlap. I ended up using hot glue to attach it to the drawer fronts.

Dresser painted and burlap drawer fronts

At which point, I realized I hadn’t even considered what I was going to do for hardware!

I decided I didn’t want to drill new holes in my drawer fronts. So I worked with what was there. I added simple brushed nickel pulls to the top two drawers. And then for the rest….I settled on – rope. Yep. Rope. Cheap as cheap can be. And I lurve it.

I definitely did not invent this – in fact, my direction was entirely inspired by this AMAZING nautical dresser my friends Amy & Vicki did over on their blog, Canary Street Crafts. (Seriously, gorgeous right!?)

I had to widen my holes a bit with a drill bit. The rope label said it was 3/8″ thick, so I used a 1/2″ drill bit to widen the holes in the drawer fronts. Also, as I cut the rope (on a cutting board with a kitchen knife), I used a bit of tape to wrap the ends to stop them from fraying. But essentially, all you have to do is feed the rope through your hardware holes and then clamp them off on the inside of the drawer with your pipe clamps. Ummm. That’s it.  🙂How to add rope hardware to a dresser

I filled this piece with the linen for the three beds upstairs and some extras. It freed up boat loads of space in our actual linen cupboard. At some point, I’ll turn my attention to that space, but since it has a door on it – meh.  🙂 No one can see how messy it is!

Nautical Dresser with Burlap and Rope Drawers

This little nook is now more or less complete with our DIY glass bottle lamp and a few other fun accessories.

Nautical Dresser with Burlap and Rope Drawers

I’m actually pleased as punch to announce this little area is chock full of DIY decor AND cost us less than $100 to do (including the cost of the dresser!!) DIY decorating does not have to be expensive!

Nautical Dresser with Burlap and Rope Drawers

Nautical Dresser with Burlap and Rope Drawers

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Marj R.C.

Wednesday 5th of August 2015

I absolutely love this - the colours, the rope pulls and where it is nestled. Great job! Thanks for the inspiration. I, too, have a place on the coast, the eastern shore, and I might do this to one of my boring Ikea dressers. :)

Amy | Canary Street Crafts

Monday 22nd of June 2015

I'm seriously in love with this dresser. The colors you chose and the texture on the drawer fronts. And of course those rope pulls! Thanks so much for the shout out. You're the sweetest :).

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