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All of the doors: March DIY Challenge

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Okay! Okay! We’re TOTALLY late on this month’s #DIYChallenge.

Not only are we late, but we had this fabulous project planned that just didn’t pan out. At all. And when I say that, I actually mean “we didn’t find the time to even start”… errr… I guess that’s why we call it a challenge? So, we can’t lie. We totally failed March.

We opened, but couldn’t close the deal. *wink*

We acted like knobs. *wink wink*

We locked ourselves out and now won’t be picked. *lol … this is getting lame

We couldn’t uncover the key to this challenge.  *okay, for real?

I decided my knockers… umm – let’s just quit with the door puns while I’m ahead … *ahem*

March #DIYChallenge 1: Erin & Dan: 0

But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a post in the spirit of the challenge! Call it a participation badge if you will,  🙂 Yessssssss…. *adds another lame participation badge to an imaginary pin board in the sky* *smiles with fake and slightly awkward pride*

This month’s challenge item was ‘door(s)’.

(Hahaha, I love door. I love lamp. I love Anchorman.)

Dan and I are currently in talks over what our next ‘biggish’ multi-step project will be. Among the list of contenders is the front entry and coat closet. There are two doors in that space! So we do have doors on the brain!

(Hold tight for a future post in which we request your help with colours. We are at odds over which shade to use on the front door… seriously, we’ve never had such a vehement disagreement over paint colours before ever. And that’s not even the reason we didn’t get this challenge finished/started/whatever.)

In the spirit of doors, we’re sharing with you the projects completed for this month’s challenge by the bloggy tribe members who rose to the occasion and came out as winners! So please, take some time and check out the links… I find them all A-DOOR-able… (Seriously. I might need help.)

The wonderful and talented Breanna from Brepurposed created a super cute conversation piece with her DIY Shutter Door and Basket Storage.

DIY Shutter Door With Basket Storage by

I really love the baskets. I’ve been hunting for similar ones to use in our entry way in fact! Anyone have any suggestions of where to get those in the Haliwood?

And dear Katie from Little House of Four used some elbow grease and a dark, yummy colour to update her entry. I seriously LOVE the results. It goes to show that a) painting a door is a bit of an ordeal and b) that Katie has impeccable taste.  🙂

Iron Ore Painted Door by Little House of Four

And not to be left out, Dan and I do have a couple of door related posts in our past arsenal.

Who could forget when I went to Blog Podium in September and came home to a new, see-through bathroom door that made Dan say ‘wiener’ more times than is comfortable.  🙂

And then there’s our distressed decorative door… that is now in the basement garden room. We moved it from the sunroom to make way for a more permanent solution. But if you want a trip down memory lane – here it is!


We hope to get back on track with April’s DIY Challenge when we all go shopping at the Dollar Store!

There have already been rumblings on our Facebook page that perhaps I should take that opportunity to do some kitchen organizing, so the little design and decor hamster in my brain is spinning wildly on his idea generating wheel.

Next week, I realize that I’m showing you all what I’ve done for my latest Creative Challenge (versus DIY Challenge… keep up, people!) and I realize that I also cut some corners on that one too! Is there a DIY Blogger time out? Maybe I should go there? A corner? A padded room? A cell block?

Anyway – I actually quite like the project I did, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Until next week, mes amis!


Sharing is caring!

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