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Back to School Shopping- The Space Saving & Daycare Edition

Back to school shopping is like a rite of passage for a parent, right? As soon as LB was on the way, I got all excited about being able to take her shopping for notebooks and a back pack and new shoes. I know. I’m still years away from that, but she did just start daycare – so I was actually able to take her ‘back to school shopping’! And she has definitely started to move around and be very VERY interested in ‘big people’ food, so I also snuck in some major space saving baby purchases as well.

The very first thing I did was buy LB some labels for her stuff. She came home wearing another little girl’s t-shirt one day and I was like …YUP! WE NEED LABELS! I got the Daycare Combo Pack from Mabel’s Labels. Right now, it’s  Free Shipping in Canada . I am planning another post about how I’m going to use the labels – so standby for that. 

People tell you the first year goes by in a flash and you don’t believe it until you see a flash and your baby is almost a year old. LB turned 10 months this week and I cannot even believe it. She has started to do this hilarious ‘military’ crawl thing to get around – it’s almost like she’s too lazy to actually crawl and finds dragging herself on her elbows to be just as efficient 😛 Even still, we did invest in a few new baby gates for the main floor.

As a clutter-averse Mother, the gate situation is one I know I’m just going to have to live with until LB can safely move around without tumbling up or down stairs. We settled on these Bily Retractable Gates. I think they will do some hard double-duty with the dog as well.

We decided on these because they stay in place when not in use. We have a lift-away gate for the dog right now and it bugs me that I have to shove it under the couch or prop it up against the wall if I’m not using it. The retractable ones basically stay put when they are open or closed – so that’s a big space saver in my mind.

The next major purchase we made was a high chair booster seat. This was LONG debated in our house and we probably waited a little too long to actually get one . We got by with our Mamas & Papas snug chair for a really long time. (You’ve probably seen it all over our Instagram lol) Truth: I loved it more than the Bumbo brand chair we have at my Mom’s house. The tray is better and bigger and easier to manage and LB seemed more comfy in it versus the Bumbo.

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Given how much we love our Mamas & Papas Baby Snug and Tray, we wanted to make sure we were making the right choice for us for the next stage. As you all know, space and storage are major considerations. I never want to invest in anything that can only serve one purpose or that can’t store away easily. This is why instead of buying a stand-alone high chair, we went with a booster that clips onto one of our existing dining room chairs.

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We also snapped up a three-pack of the best bibs we’ve found. These Kushies Bibs are the BEST – especially if you are doing the ‘baby led weening’ thing which can get messy! These are the ones they use at the daycare, so we knew they’d stand up to a lot of abuse.

In the ‘fun’ category?! (because you always need a ‘treat’ for back to school, right?) we picked up a super fun Snack Cup from Munchkin – but LB can’t figure out how to use it yet lol – some bobble bath friends and new ‘chooches’ for her nap time.

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In the clothing department, I was practical. I have already found that one month in daycare has meant stained clothes and LOTS of wear and tear. LB needed a rain coat, sturdy sneakers for almost walking and some easy to wash long sleeve onesies. Of course, I snuck in the AWESOME sweater – and yes, it was in the boys’ department. Whatever. 

Okay – so I know this isn’t ‘back to school’ – but it certainly felt like the most significant ‘new stage’ shop we’ve done for LB since she was born! And you KNOW I’m going to take so many pics once she’s sporting those sparkly trainers and wearing that sweater, right?!


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