Adjusting to an All Cash Plan | Week Two

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Inside: How to adjust to living on an all-cash household budget; what to do when emergencies and unexpected spending is required. 

We are well into our journey of creating more wealth and abundance, well at least two weeks and I’ve got to say this is a bit more challenging than I thought it was going to be. 

We left off last week with a healthy $263.15 in cash and then took out our second week’s allotment on Monday. If you are just catching up you might want to go back and check out the first Spending Plan post I did explaining how and why we are now living on cash. 

With our weekly One Number of $460, we started Week Two with (rounding our numbers) approximately $720 – which felt like A LOT of cash to have for just one week.

Our purchases were: 

  • A medium sized weekly grocery run
  • Pharmacy supplies (because I ended up with stomach flu) 
  • A trip to the Discovery Centre with the family where we bought a yearly pass
  • Take-out Pizza 
  • Coffee and lunches for Dan

On our card (guys, this post is about to take a turn, I’m so sorry) – we put one tank of gas, and a really large vet bill. Thursday afternoon we had to let our dog Buddy go… and it’s been a bit of a crummy week since… I’m almost certain that we all got the flu as a result of the stress and sadness. 

We ended the week almost exactly where we began, actually ahead of where we began. Our surplus was $320, so a full $60 more than Week One. Though, you have to consider that now it’s like a rolling average. 

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about all this but I do know that we’re talking more about money and we are 100% being more mindful of what we’re spending it on. I don’t feel any lack at all when it comes to our household spending. 

This week will be interesting because we are hosting a big family party on Saturday and we’ll have to spend on all the supplies and extras for that. 

On another note, I’m head down into launching a new arm of my business and that is definitely causing me some serious money blocks and anxiety. It’s very challenging to allow myself to ‘spend money to make money’ on a business that technically doesn’t even exist yet. There’s a lot of faith and belief that’s required to take a leap into the unknown and just know that it’s the right thing. 

I’m really excited about what I’m building and I actually think some of my DIY Passion readers might be interested in what it is! I’ll be revealing all in the coming weeks, once I get over myself and decided to ‘do it scared’ anyway. 

That’s our spending plan for this week. Please make sure you ask any questions in the comments or on social media! Happy to answer them for you. 

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