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You guys! This never happens! I was organized (and inspired) enough this year to actually do a ‘holiday project’ and post it before the holiday! Wahoo πŸ™‚ Here’s how I took a few minutes to whip up some Canada Day String Art.

It’s always nice to spruce up for a  family and friends BBQ , I was cleaning up some spare boards – and I found a piece of our old armoire that was light weight and rectangular.

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Supplies for Canada Day String Art

I sanded down my board grabbed some bright red craft paint and went to town.Canada Day String Art 1

Once it was dry, I tried to free hand a leaf and got fed up, so I took a leaf off one of our trees and traced it very lightly. It wasn’t perfect – but neither was the leaf!

Then using some leftover teeny brad nails, I began hammering them in at all the points along my leaf. Canada Day String Art 3

The more nails you use, the more detail your art will have. Once you have as many nails as you think you need, then add your string. Just tie a good loop around your first nail and work on the outline first. I looped my string around each nail twice before moving onto the next one. Canada Day String Art 4

When you have your outline, then you can start zigging and zagging all though the middle to fill in the shape! Do whatever you want here. Then just double knot it at the end by feeding your loose piece of string under one of your lines and pull it tight. It’ll stay if you’ve done things tight enough all the way through.Canada Day String Art 5

See? Not perfect, but it is just like my leaf πŸ™‚

Then I added two eye hooks and some twine and voila! O Canada!

I initially tried it on the front door.Canada Day String Art 6

It didn’t look bad, but the rest of our front porch is really sad at the moment. Canada Day String Art 7

So I decided it would be better suited to a more sheltered spot beneath our arbour. Canada Day String Art 8

I had just bought that hanging basket and then I realized the red matches the cushions on our outdoor set just right πŸ™‚ Canada Day String Art 9

There you have it! Happy Canada Day!

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