DIY Passion Podcast #4: Is there a hidden gender bias in DIY land?

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We’re pretty big nerds, so this one’s got us excited, ‘cause we’re geeking out about tools.

But we’ve had very different experiences when it comes to buying those tools, which has lead us to asking the question: “Is there a gender bias in DIY land?”

Erin recalls the (multiple) times she’s been referred to as ‘little lady’ while purchasing tools or hardware and Dan considers whether his state of dress impacts the way he’s perceived as a DIYer. While we don’t think we come to any real hard and fast conclusions about gender and DIYs, we do start the conversation and request that you weigh in as well!

Have you experienced a gender bias when it comes to your DIY prowess? If so, how? Do you think we’re full of baloney? 🙂

In the second half of the show, we talk about how we did build up our current arsenal of DIY tools and we suggest the best way to approach these purchases. With recommendations for power drills, and nail guns, we’ll leave you with a list of essentials to gather.

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Your must have tools

  • basic hammer
  • multi-bit screwdriver
  • level
  • measuring tape
  • power drill with basic bits
  • a hand saw
  • a set of wrenches
  • a set of pliers

Next we recommend you buy

  • a good basic nail gun
  • a jig saw
  • a mitre box (and saw)
  • an allen key drill bit
  • a rubber mallet
  • an orbital sander
  • a carpenter’s square
  • a Dremel or multi-tool with saw blades

Then if you’ve really got the DIY tool bug!

  • a table saw or a radial arm saw
  • a circular saw
  • a reciprocating saw
  • an impact driver
  • a belt sander and/or a wood plane

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