How to create a cozy meditation corner in your home

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Sometimes you just need a spot to curl up and bliss out from the world. Finding a corner to create a little zen or quiet isn’t as hard as you might think! We are going to go over what to consider when adding a quiet zone or meditation corner to an existing room, like a bedroom or home office, so you can sit down, and peace out whenever you want. 

Things to consider when designing a quiet corner

Quiet corners, by definition, are meant to be personal and create an optimal environment for reflection, relaxation and disconnection from the busyness in the world. Before building your quiet corner, you’ll want to take a few moments to think about what you need in your day and routine to help fill you up. 

  • What is the main purpose of this corner? To escape? To meditate? To read? Define the purpose and allow the design and decor elements to flow from here.
  • How do you want this corner to make you feel? Energized? Calm? Spiritual? 
  • What about the way you physically want to feel? Warm? Cool? 
  • What movements or relaxing activities do you want to incorporate? Reading? Music?  

Elements to add to your quiet, meditation space 

  1. An anchoring decor piece

No matter what the purpose of your quiet space, you’ll want to add in an area rug especially if you are carving it out of a corner of an existing room like a home office. 

A separate rug can define the area nicely and act as a great visual cue that the space is separate and designed for peaceful, personal moments (and not work or Zoom calls!) 

Alternatively, depending on how much space you have and if you like to sit on the floor, you may want to invest in a statement armchair or lounger. Something with a deep seat so that you can curl up with a book or journal is ideal.

  1. Bring in softness and hygge with textiles

Quiet spaces are great for meditating, reading, journaling or even doing some light stretching or floor work. This is why it’s a great idea to have a spot to stash soft and plush textiles like throw pillows and blankets!

It’s always more comfy to sit on the floor with a nice pillow to prop you up. And meditating or yoga nidra is typically more comfortable with a throw blanket around your shoulders or legs. 

You can never have too many cozy elements in your quiet corner! 

  1. Add in different light sources 

Some people like to be quiet in the early mornings; others look for some peaceful refuge at the end of the day. When you plan to use your space will dictate the type of lighting you’ll want to add. 

Ideas for your quiet corner can range from a string of simple twinkle lights, to a salt rock lamp, to a small table lamp to give a nice, warm glow.  

  1. Add in sensory elements 

Being mindful and calming the mind is all about creating a soothing and calm environment. 

You’ll want to consider investing in pieces that pique all your senses, so you can fasttrack your way to zen! 

Diffusers and essential oils can bring scents into your corner of bliss, while scented candles add light and a focal point for meditation practices.  

Consider bluetooth headphones or a small speaker if you plan to pump in calming beats. 

  1. Bring in nature 

The final element you’ll want to consider for your quiet, zen meditation space is nature. Connecting to earthly elements (even if it’s just in one small corner of your home or office) can be restorative and mood enhancing. If you’re in a super small space, consider hanging planters or wall hanging plants. 

If you have a bit more floor space, a colourful plant stand near a window will bring the outdoors in while adding texture and life.

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