How to make a stencil with a DIY freezer paper template

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No desire to buy a stencil for just one project? No problem! There is a super easy way to create your own stencil using a simple kitchen supply. I swear.

Here’s how to make a stencil with a DIY Freezer Paper Template!

How to Make A Freezer Paper Stencil

I stencilled on burlap for this particular project, but this freezer paper technique works really well on any type of fabric.

Here’s what you need:

See! I told you πŸ™‚

First step is to either print your design onto your Freezer Paper or cut it out with your Silhouette. I have a Silhouette, so that’s what I did. If you go the printer route, you’ll want to use your utility knife to cut out your words or your design from your Freezer Paper once the ink has dried.

Here’s an important tip: Make sure you are printing your design on the NON-shiny side. So keep the Shiny Side of your Freezer Paper DOWN. This goes for the Silhouette version as well. If you’re doing it that way, make sure the shiny side of the Freezer Paper is what is stuck onto your cutting mat.Cut a template from freezer paper for your stencil

Once you have your stencils cut out, heat up your iron to medium heat. Place your Freezer Paper stencil down on your fabric or burlap, making sure it’s positioned correctly. (Remember, shiny side DOWN!)Position Freezer Paper over Fabric

Then go over it with your hot iron. The Freezer Paper will adhere to your fabric. Really focus on the areas around your stencil to make sure it’s on there nice and tight to prevent leaks.Use a stencil brush to paint over your stencil

Now, use your stencil brush and paint to pounce your stencil!Dab paint onto your freezer paper stencil

While the paint is still tacky, peel off your Freezer Paper revealing your design.Peel back freezer paper while the paint is still wet

I used mine to wrap around my little chalk painted crates! I secured my burlap in the back with some metallic furniture tacks to give them some added interest.Use upholstery tacks to attach burlap to bin

I painted them up using this new Rustoleum Chalked paint in Serenity Blue. It was fairly high quality considering the price! And I really like the color.Paint Bins with Chalk Paint

And now they are on the shelf in my newly made over office nook! πŸ™‚ (You can see it in my latest home tour post.)How to make Freezer Paper Stencils

Update storage bins with freezer paper stencils

Burlap and freezer paper stencils

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