How to Make your Own Heart Stamped Art for Valentine’s Day

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Inside: A DIY craft tutorial to make heart shaped rubber stamps; perfect for Valentines Day decor; also an explanation of how to use a stamp brayer. 

Love is in the air! Or should I say, stamped onto burlap ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m showing you how to make your own heart shaped rubber stamp art for Valentine’s Day!

Supplies to Make Heart Shaped Rubber Stamps

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First off, start by carving your stamps! The rubber lino blocks will cut easily to size with regular scissors. Then just lightly draw your shape on to the blocks with a pencil and start carving. Remember your image will be reversed when it’s a stamp. Carving Your Own Stamps

I played around with my shapes a bit too! AND Valentine’s Day bonus: I did the carving in front of the tv (I just put a placemat down on the coffee table and shimmied it to the couch) and I watched a RomCom on Netflix. Have you watched About Time with Rachel McAdams? SO good! Recommend ๐Ÿ™‚

Now that you have your stamps and your burlap cut out, you just need paint. Pick bright colours so they show up well. I practiced a few times with the layout of my stamps before settling on one. Lay out your Hand Carved Stamps

I recommend painting onto your stamps and really lay it on thick, especially if you’re stamping burlap, which is quite porous and really soaks up the paint. Then carefully lay down the stamp and roll over it with your brayer. I tried just pushing down with my hand and it worked alright – but the brayer was better.

Use a piece of scrap wood and a stamp brayer

How to use homemade stamps with paint

Then Paint and Repeat! I’m totally digging how this turned out – and you all know how afraid I am of crafts … and of manufactured holidays … haha! I think I might hang this in the kitchen for a little change of scenery. Make your own Heart Shaped Stamps

If you loved this little craft (and I mean, who wouldn’t!? lol) please share and pin ๐Ÿ™‚ It’d make my day.DIY Valentines Day Stamp Art

Once the paint dries, you have the option to put it in a frame or, as I mentioned in the supply list, you can tack it to a piece of wood or just hang it up with simple binder clips.

Update! Three years later and this project is STILL going strong! I recently decorated my new mantle with it for Valentine’s Day along with my brand new project for 2019 which are these insanely gorgeous DIY Paper Flowers

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