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So glad you’re here today because we’re talking about some major changes in our home. The long and the short of it is, for whatever reason, our living room has just been a HUGE challenge for us. We’ve changed it more than any other room in the house in the year or so since we’ve lived here. In the last few months, we started to head in the right direction (we added in a ‘taller’ item on the far wall and got a new beach-style coffee table) – but we still weren’t quite there yet.

Then, four things happened at once that lead to the current changes we’re working on:

  • We decided neither of us really liked the grey on the walls. So we painted the entire room white. See here to find out how we did it in less than two hours!
  • We really wanted to discourage our dog Buddy from standing on the back of our couch. Doing that, meant moving it away from the window. So we ended up simply swapping the layout – with the couch floating in the room and the chairs by the window.
  • We desperately needed more zone lighting. This room has no ceiling fixtures and after a few switcher-oos, the living room was seriously lacking in the lighting department.
  • We no longer liked the large, imposing, black-framed mirror on our planked nook.

Speaking of the nook, that is the first corner we’re revealing in our new living room. It’s not complete yet, as you will soon see, but there are a couple of exciting elements that we just needed to spill the beans about.

Living Room Makeover: Our new corner reading nookThe vision for this space started when I got sick of constantly folding our throw blankets, only to have the dog or the cats sit all over them and get them all dirty and fuzzy. I decided I wanted a blanket ladder for the nook. I became obsessed with blanket ladders… I considered having my Dad ship me an old wooden ladder I know is hanging in the back of his garage. It would totally have fallen apart in shipping…and the shipping costs would have far outweighed what it would have been worth intact… but I was desperate, I tell you! Desperate! (And dramatic… hehe) Once I get an idea in my head…. well, I develop laser-like focus. Reading Nook 3

You see, I can’t live without blankets. I love them. Even in the dead heat of summer, I can’t watch a movie, read a book or drink my morning coffee without a blanket somewhere. Perhaps, it’s due to years living in Northern Ontario. It’s strange because I wasn’t a ‘blankie’ kind of kid… but I’m totally a blankie kind of adult… Living Room Makeover: Our new corner reading nook

We found this one at the Rural Roots Antique Store in Boutilier’s Point, NS. We actually found it with a simple search on Kijiji. We were heading to a friends’ bbq out there one day, so we popped into the shop on the way. We paid $40…and for me, it is worth every penny. But if you want one and you’re feeling ambitious, A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial for building one from scratch. I’m ashamed at how excited I am to add a ‘real faux fur throw’ to my Christmas list (Wink* wink* Secret Santa!) so I can drape it on my ladder… Seriously. These are the things that keep me up at night… Ya. I love ladder.

The rest of the space is still evolving. We angled the chair, added in a brass and glass side table for the inevitable mug, novel, martini glass or other such necessity.Living Room Makeover: Our new corner reading nook

And then we suspended our own DIY Industrial Style Lamp from the ceiling.  A tutorial for how to make a lamp of your own is coming up this month, I promise! (Read: I still haven’t totally finished writing it yet … but it’s in the works!) We know the space needs some more art work – but we are still playing with arrangements. We’re hoping to have settled on something soon, so we can show you the rest of the living room changes before the end of the month.

Living Room Makeover: The new corner reading nook
It’s so strange that this corner has turned out COMPLETELY differently than we had initially planned. When we planked the wall, we were dead set on adding a mantle to this space….but it just evolved differently. Here’s basically where we are now!

Progress? Regression? Reading nook?  Until next time 🙂 Thanks for reading,



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