Picture Perfect Pinterest Posts with Guest Meagan Williamson – In The Storyhouse Episode #11

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Incredibly useful episode ALERT. Like FULL ALERT. (Red alert?! lol) Listen – I gotta tell you over the years I’ve learned my fair share about the different social networks and search engines out there. I sometimes surprise myself when I get to talking about blogging and optimizing and where to put time in order to see results.

But today’s guest In The Storyhouse is LEGIT a Pinterest addict and specialist. Meagan Williamson is the real deal. She has helped bloggers and big brands understand and navigate the Pinterest landscape. Her depth and wealth of knowledge is incredible and it’s also clear that she loves what she does. (Isn’t that the best? When someone so clearly loves what they are so obviously good at?!)

Episode 11 is jammed packed with information and my guess is that you’ll want to download it and relisten over and over again – I know I will.

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Today’s show talks about:

  • How Pinterest has changed since it launched in 2011
  • How to get going with Pinterest now if you were ‘late to the game’
  • Holiday and Seasonal Strategies (so much information about this!!)
  • The emerging relationship between Tailwind and Pinterest
  • What makes a Pinterest audience different that audiences from other social platforms
  • The purchasing behaviour of the average Pinterest user

DIG IN! It’s a good one! And please don’t forget to send us your feedback 🙂

Peace and love – E


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