DIY Passion Podcast #1: What is DIY Passion anyway?

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This has been a labour of love. For real.

DIY Passion has been something that both of us have grown into and, we are proud to say, evolves all the time. Sometimes, it’s hard for us to think back to when there wasn’t a blog! It’s equally as hard to imagine where things will be in three or six months time, because our lives seem to change so quickly.

But this latest initiative is one that we are both so pumped and passionate about. Don’t get us wrong, the blog is great. It’s home base. It always will be.

But we found there were conversations, questions, personality tidbits that we wanted to and could share with our audience that just didn’t translate well through tutorials, before-and-afters and design plans. We have a tradition of ‘Friday night pizza and wine’. And during those late night suppers, we often come up with our best ideas, our most insightful observations and plot out our biggest projects. We needed a way to bring you into those ‘Friday night pizza and wine’ sessions!

We’ve done it! We’re branching out from simple, traditional style blogging into the realm of the audible. We’ll be releasing one podcast episode per week starting today! We truly hope you don’t think we’re total dorks and that after this episode of the DIY Passion Podcast, you’ll subscribe to hear more. We promise, we get better with every episode.

We were so nervous to begin this new experiment.  🙂 Basically, we spent weeks and weeks trying to figure out the best way to make a podcast work for us as bloggers and for you as our beloved readers and followers. Where we landed was with eight pre-recorded episodes, complete with show notes and back stories and video teasers. The idea is to run our podcast series through the summer to see what happens.  🙂 If all goes well, we’ll continue to do a show a week, as well as a regular blog post.

Topics we’ll be tackling in upcoming podcasts include:

  • Finding an authentic blogging voice (it’s harder than it sounds)
  • Does size really matter when it comes to how we live?
  • Is there a gender bias in DIY land?
  • Answering your reader questions (email them to [email protected] if you have any!)

Plus, in every show, we offer our best tips and tricks for DIYing, organizing, social media – you name it!

We both really feel like we’ve been talking about this launch and planning for it for so long, it feels amazing to have this first one out in the world and published. You have all been so supportive of us as we stepped back from project posts for a while in order to get this up and running. And for that, we offer our most heartfelt thanks.

At this point, the best way to support us is to listen and share this podcast among your network of friends and family. And we promise to continue to do the best we can to be entertaining, friendly and engaging both in the podcast and right here, on our blog.

We just have to figure out how we can all share a pizza over the internet.  😀

So without further ado – today’s show!

 What does it really mean to DIY? Or Do It Yourself?

It’s an ever-evolving concept for us.

You see, we began DIY Passion when we were broke. We had a mountain of student loan debt and we were known, at times, to forage three meals from one can of black beans and some brown rice bought on sale at Bulk Barn.

All that to say, we’ve come by our DIY lifestyle by way of being thrifty, but it’s grown to mean much more than just ‘money savings’ for us.

In this inaugural episode of the DIY Passion Podcast, we introduce you to who we are, what we believe in, and the gut-check questions we answer before jumping headfirst into a project.

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Happy listening.  🙂

In the second part of the show, we play a little get to know you game! You can play it with your friends and family too or at a party as an icebreaker.

Oh and in case you missed it, here’s our teaser video!

We are just so thrilled to have launched this new initiative for DIY Passion and for you. Please let us know what you think or if you have any ideas for future show ideas or reader questions. We always love to hear from you!

Until next time! In Episode #2, we plan to talk about how to remain authentic and find your true self through blogging. Hope you’ll join us next week.  🙂





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