The Easiest Ever DIY Chalkboard Labels

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I’m not kidding around. This really is the easiest way to make DIY chalkboard labels! haha

You know I’m huge into organizing (see my latest posts about decluttering holiday decor, organizing seasonal linens and how to store greeting and holiday cards), so naturally, I decided to take the opportunity to continue putting things in my studio in order.

But, I’m short on time these days, what with a newborn baby and all – so I went for the easiest craft ever.. the path of least resistance and highest impact.The Easiest Ever Chalkboard Labels with Washi Tape

The Easiest Ever DIY Chalkboard Labels

I’ve got this great storage wall shaping up in my studio. It’s a combination of long and deep open shelving and these absolutely fantastic crate shelving units. I bought them on impulse and I’m thrilled with them. I spent a really long time categorizing and separating all my craft paraphernalia and small tools so that each drawer had a very specific purpose.Craft Room Storage BEFORE

But I needed to add labels. My scrap paper, scotch tape and sharpie labels weren’t really up to the aesthetic I’m going for in my new work space. πŸ˜‰

Craft Room Labels BEFOREHere’s what you’ll need to make the easiest ever DIY Chalkboard Labels

  • poster board
  • ruler and pencil
  • hole punch
  • twine, ribbon, yarn (your choice)
  • Washi Tape
  • Roll of Adhesive Chalkboard Paper
  • Scissors
  • glue stick (optional)
  • Silhouette Cameo (optional)
  • 12 x 12 Cameo cutting mat (optional)
  • Chalkboard Markers (optional)Chalkboard Label Supplies

I measured out a size I liked for my labels, making sure to account for the fact that I wanted to add a hole to string them onto each crate, then I cut that out of my poster board. Next, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the shape for my chalkboard labels. (If you don’t have a Cameo, you can obviously just cut them out by hand.)Washi Tape and Chalkboard Labels

I used my Washi Tape to cover the pieces of poster board I’d cut out.

Here’s the easiest part πŸ™‚ Now stick your cut out chalkboard label to the Washi Tape bit and that’s it! DONE. No paint, no mess, next to no clean up.Super easy DIY Chalkboard Labels

That’s my kind of craft! I’m very close to being finished this studio… I feel like I’ve been working on it for YEARS. We still have some drywalling to finish and some other finishing touches – I can’t wait to show you the whole space!

Tie on Chalkboard Labels

I’m on the look out for ways to organize INSIDE these bins next. I still find they all turn into a bit of a pit and I end up dumping out the contents when I’m searching for something small. I will have to report back if I find a workable solution πŸ™‚ Almost finished Craft Storage with Chalkboard Labels



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